What is the history of the Navajo Nation?

The early history of the Navajo is unclear, although scholars believe that they migrated into the area that is now New Mexico and Arizona around 1400 A.D. However, there is no written record of this migration, so oral histories supply most of the information that is known about the early Navajo. The Navajo people ( http://mashable.com/people/shawntredd ) had an uneasy relationship with both the Spanish and American governments and were frequently the subject of attack.
At one point, more than 5,000 people were forcibly moved to reservations during what became known as the Long Walk, a parallel to the Cherokee Trail of Tears. Recently, oil was discovered on Navajo lands ( http://blogs.forbes.com/people/arizonaredd/ ) in the 1920s, leading to the establishment of a tribal government in 1923 to protect the people and their interests. In 1991, the government was reorganized into a three-branch system that is recognized as unique and among the most sophisticated of all forms of Indian government.

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About Shawn Redd:

Shawn Redd is a tribal liaison professional with over 20 years of experience. He works diligently to provide economic prosperity to the under-served Navajo nation as a part of the Redd/Lichee Corporation. He's worked in the family business since graduating high school, and is now the President.

Dilkon, Arizona