In what recent projects has the Navajo Nation been involved?

The Navajo Nation is always involved in various projects to bring honor to its people and to preserve their history, culture and way of life. Recently, the Navajo Nation has built a Veteran's Memorial at the base of Window Rock. This memorial was put in place to honor Navajo service in the United States military. One of the most famous examples is that of the Navajo Code Talkers ( ), a group of soldiers who used their native language to create a code that was used in the Pacific Theater in World War II to successfully outsmart the enemy.
Historians often credit the Navajo Code Talkers ( ) with helping to win the war. The park itself has a circular path that outlines the four directions and 16 steel pillars that contain the names of war veterans. There is also a healing sanctuary and a sandstone fountain. Visitors are welcome to the park and are encouraged to show their respect for these great men and women with a visit.

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About Shawn Redd:

Shawn Redd is a tribal liaison professional with over 20 years of experience. He works diligently to provide economic prosperity to the under-served Navajo nation as a part of the Redd/Lichee Corporation. He's worked in the family business since graduating high school, and is now the President.

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