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pap? please you are really pretty

haha OK lol

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who is steven yeun?

omg! @steveyeun he is the best actor in the world! He is my fav off of The Walking Dead!! and the love of my life!! I am a very big fan of him! i love him! he is sooo cool! and he is soooooo good looking! if he dies on The Walking Dead i will die! but i have faith that he will not die! i love you steven!! #Glenn

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You look so cute and pretty. You must be the most cutest girl at your school, right?

umm who is this??

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Picture of you getting a wedgie

umm i dont have one

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like if people think your cute?

ok.. sure lol

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Do you like dogs?

no i love dogs!

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every liker gets 20 likes?

sure lol

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Post a selfie?

no first i wanna know who you are

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Are you single? ;) bc you fine girl

yeah and tanks but no im not!

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like for tbh?

yep like it!

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Probably Daryl! But I really like everyone!

i like Glenn!!!!!!

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OH MY GOD!!!!! That's awesome!!! AND you're a fan of the Walking Dead!?!? I think we should be best friends!!!!

who is your favorite character?? lol

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thanks!! ps you cute and our bdays are the same!! 4-8-99

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Little bit, I miss youu!

Aerial Humphreys

I miss you more!!!!!! ∞

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who is you guy best friend

Jacob Hanna

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What is the last thing you said to someone?

dad i want the new just dance! he said "why do you need another one, this will many 5!" lol

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Are you an art lover?


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What are you wearing right now?


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I love the walking dead! Sundays at 9 on amc, and I love Glenn aka Steven Yeun. :) Freshmen at CHS

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