Ask @shazahanis:

I'm trying to get over my ex but i still get upset if he posts anything on his social media on him with other girls. Do u think is a normal? What do u recommend?

Its normal. But why torture yourself?
Are you friends with him? If not. Do what I do. Completely cut him off. Lol. Out of sight out of mind. Distract yourself with other things. Work, study, personal projects. Focus on friends family yourself.

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What type of person do you ideally picture marrying?

I don't think i will ever get married tbh but if i ever end up with a partner, it's because i want my own children??? So;
- someone who would debate with me, not just simply agree with my statements or opinions.
- someone who would correct my wrongs and share their knowledges with me.
- someone who can be my bestest friend, whom i always be cormfortable to be myself with.
- someone who won't give up on me even though when things get hard and out of control.

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Why do some people enjoy hurting other people's feelings? 😌

Probably because they were hurt before. And they thinks that it is unfair that he/she seemed the only person hurting. In fact, everyone is. It's just we don't necessarily see everything and know everything and we may assume that others are perfectly fine. It's only the matter of whether we know or not. And out false assumptions, these people may then decide to add unnecessary burdens for those who looked fine, who may or may not have triggered their sad memories. And thus adding another burden for themselves, guilt.
In simpler words, they were traumatised by the ugly or painful past of their lives, thus leading to such behaviours. Another simple answer, they are mentally ill, in which may or may not be triggered by the unspeaksble past, or in even much simpler words, traumatised, in terms of more of a medical point of view.

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