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Do you believe love should be about how the other person benefits your life or should both work toward benefiting each others life even if it takes time and one person is farther behind in life than you.

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If you ever published a book that you really worked hard on but people barely read it or even knew that it existed, would you be offended?

No, got to advertise

Men ..can Cook better than Women….BUT Women..can drive better than Men 😈

No, this whole men do this better and women do this better is childish. Personal skills have nothing to do with gender

What was the latest bit of home improvement you did? Do you have something you want to do in the future? 🛠️🛋️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I dont really do them. I was planning on painting a room in the new house but there might be a change of plans there
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If a guy can't stop staring at you does it mean he likes you?

Yall really be like if a guy breathes in my direction does he like me lol


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