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The same people calling everyone fake and saying theres bots on here eats fake food.

What's fake food? Like doll food? Lol

Have you ever tried being “mean” but just couldn’t do it due to your personality or for other reasons? Or, are you the kind of person who is prone to being and easily comes across as mean in the eyes of many?

If I'm trying then I definitely can be but if I care about the person then I feel lime I went too far but if I don't care then it's whatever
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Adult men are obsessed with adult women. Please tell why. ???? 🎊🔩🎊

Cause they're attracted to them, hope they wouldn't be obsessed with minors...

Do you look like your mom or dad more and personality wise, are you like either of them?

My mom with some dad, I have my own personality
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Has anyone you were romantically interested in ruined your bday or a special day for you? If someone did that, what would you do?


Do you find it perfectly fine for someone who is 20+ to still live with their parents and not working anywhere (like me)? My little sister’s friends told my little sister that I should’ve been out of the house at 18 and I hate how that’s the “norm” these days.

Yes, if you have a reason for it but it's really no one's business but yours
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