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bitch describe me panjang2 bcs i described you the other day so i want an essay about me

Okay Dyna Dyana or her real name Dinah Diyanah pergh we actually have a loooooonggggggg history and we both completely forgot about it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ like when I was in standard five and you were in standard six I used to ask you for blog skin advice HAHAHAHA WTF AND YIU CAN LITERALLY SCROLL UP OUR MESSAGES EW THE FETUS YEARS oh and last year mula tegur each other balik even if it seems like the first time zzzz we called each other 'dugong' for an obvious reason which is CHANEEELLLLLLLLLL yeah you're one of the only people I talk to Scream Queens about and we actually share legit theories like wth and whenever i go to sleep pergh 45+++++ notifications all from you sometimes sampai 100 idk what that means oh and you're like really active in chat but in person buat buat tak nampak wow but nvm zzz I still don't get why you like Kenny tho :-))) I actually wanted to start teen wolf but then you know homework + PLL oh looks like I don't have any time oops Last and defenitely not least you're a really fun person to talk to and thanks for tolerating my far fetched fantasies with youknowwho like I can only imagine how disgusting it is, even I cringe everytime I reread what I said like ew you deserve a bouquet of snickers fort our tolerance OH AND WE REALLY NEED TO TAKE A PIC TOGETHER SRSLY WE DONT HAVE ONE! HOW IS THAT SO?? yeah two febeles dugongs in one pic will slay the world in half so yea :-) thanks for actually putting up with my nonsense and listening to my whining zzzz bye

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How do you help your friends when they're feeling low?

Tell them they're useless HAHAHAHAH JKJKJK usually I'd tell them that if they're feeling like they have no reason to live or wtv I'll remind them that I'm always going to be their friend no matter what even if it doesn't seem like I will zzzz maybe talk them into feeling better or just listen to their problems because I give really good advice

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@theyloveearii asks, "Have you ever eaten glue or a crayon or anything strange?โ€

Can you guys start asking questions that actually make sense like literally every 24 I open ask fm and I'm greeted with 3rd grade level questions that brainless manatees can answer with their eyes close while riding a unicycle down a cliff to their death like literally is there no better question that you can ask besides whether I have eaten crayons like

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nahhh i m still at the first session..malas nak continue๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚so its ookayy๐Ÿ’

Okay since you malas nak continue I'll tell you what happens; Mona is the first 'A' and she's doing it for revenge because Aria, Spencer and Emily stole Hanna from her. Then in season 3 there's a new 'A' and Spencer (Toby's girlfriend) lies to him a lot to protect him so Toby works with Mona so he can find answers and help Spencer #relationshipgoals oh and Maya, Emily's girlfriend dies! We still don't know who killed Alison but is she really even dead?

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