Ask @sheisyanaa:

Is it easier to forgive or forget?

To forgive. Sooner or later you get to the stage where you'll forgive those who did you wrong for both of your sakes, when you're ready. You'll feel relief of finally letting go of that grudge you were holding (or whatever that was) and you'll feel as if the burden was taken off of your shoulders. It'll bring you peace within yourself.
But to forget? Nah, no matter how hard you try the only thing you can't do with the experience you've been through is to erase it from your memory. Don't know exactly how it works, but events that brought you some negative emotions, they'll stick with you. The might get blurry with time, sometimes get blocked by the brain itself, but they won't completely evaporate. And here comes another thing, your attitude towards it. But that's the story for another day.
So, yeah, to forgive is definitely much easier.

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have you been studying English for a long time? Consider learning any other language besides this one?

Well, as soon as I've started counting I thought the number will be 15 years, maybe less. It's 20. Honestly, I'm shocked. It feels like I've just started. Learning languages for me is one of the most exciting processes ever.
And, yeah, I'm working on my Turkish now, and that's quite a challenge for me. Planning to get to B2 level, and then we'll see.

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If you were a super hero what powers would you have?

Telekinesis. As I'm a big fan of Prue from 'Charmed', the answer is obvious. Apart from my love and admiration for Shannen since 'BH90210' times, Prue is my favorite character because there is just something about her that I just can relate to. As Shannen herself once described her: 'Prue had a sense of responsibility that she felt towards her family and she was very nurturing and maternal and giving.' And I think that her power of astral projection is also really cool.

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If you were a super hero what powers would you have

Просмотр какого фильма ты постоянно откладываешь на потом?

Из фильмов ничего не приходит в голову, из сериалов - последняя серия восьмого сезона 'Стрелы'. Я пока не готова попрощаться с любимыми героями.

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Тебе часто одиноко?

Я не вижу ничего плохого в одиночестве. Порой оно мне просто необходимо, чтобы отдохнуть от людей и всего безумства, происходящего вокруг и с новыми силами вновь погрузиться в этот суматошный ежедневный водоворот событий.

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