Ask @shelbysmiles3:

there are two times of year : autumn and waiting for autumn. innit?

where i live it’s more like “maybe we’ll get a lil snow” (doesn’t usually happen), “it feels kinda good outside today” (doesn’t last long before it gets too hot), “fuck it’s hot & i’m so sick of these damn bugs” (fuck the bugs), & “it’s kinda chilly out & these fucking skeeters are eating me up😤” (especially fuck them)

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You might think this is dumb but when I told the first girl I have ever liked how I felt I saw all these movies, talked to some friends and even asked girls on ask for inspiration. 2 months of prepping I told her how I felt she rejected me and I afterward I said I was sorry and made sure she was ok.

i’m proud of you for trying & being confident enough to tell her but sometimes it just doesn’t work out, it’ll work out with someone new & don’t be scared to do the same thing to get her ya know? bc to put that much effort into trying to do it right? king/queen/royal shit👑💕

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