michelle hurley
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H'o Katie Brennan

Amazing person

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H'o michelle lehane

What is the strongest animal?

Gary o donovan <3

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M/p Jamie podge colm shane james

Meet meet pass eww pass

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Ur sound pretty dnt no u too well and ur going wit eoin ;)

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What chocolate is your favorite?


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What's your favourite chocolate bar?

Crunchie <3

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how much dyou weight?

Ahm nosey much?

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Its podge and cloidhna and jamie and emma :o

Wat :)

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M/p Jamie o, Podge, Colm, Tim, Shane and James

Why do i always get asked this meet meet pass pass pass pass

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ho eoin b

Hes sound out gl good friends wit kanturk ppl hes in jc and ya

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Ho rachel kearney

Sound out dnt no her dat well :) she thought i hated her for some reason :/ best friends wit becca Aoife and Chloe really pretty and ya :)

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H'o michelle lehane brittany fuller katie Brennan

Nah gal xox

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Ur face

Has a nose two eyes and a mouth

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U dont like her


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Dju like her

Obviously? But if she dont like me idno anymore

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:') he loves dat word

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I fair like pizza wby?

Mmmm pizza :3

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Dare bbz xo

I <3 Sean Cronin :*

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Who do you think would go out with you?

No one?

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Who do you think likes you as in go out with.?

Dat made no sense sorry :L

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Ha yah soz ha she dont.like you

Okay ya thanks for letting me no really appreciate it ;)

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Xbox or PlayStation?

Playstation all the way <3

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