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Hi Shenny, I dont want H meant by you not ready for marriage but you don't ever have to change! Marriage is better spontaneous, exciting and unconventional! I travelled a lot even with kids. They travel for free before 2yo. The travelling bug will never leave you! ❤️

Hello dear :) hahahahaha ohwellz maybe there are somethings that I am still unwilling to sacrifice for... idk :/

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Hey just wanna comment that you have damn nice legs :) and you look super hot!!!

Hahahaha omg noooo my legs are so fat T_T but thank you anyway lol!!!
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Wha what century already why are you still wearing leather pants and translucent stockings WITH military boots oh god save my eyes

??? It was 16deg in Taipei whats wrong w wearing sockings?? U wna save ur eyes then why dont look at my pics la..... why are u even looking at my pics and taking the effort to conment. This is so stupid I can't even handle
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Hi Shenny! Can i know where is that powder blue dress you wore in the picture as seen on ig taken in raffles place from? <3

Bangkok!!! got it from Union Mall hehehehe
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Hi Shenny! Do you have any referral codes to share for hair salons? Would love to do my hair and appreciate any discounts :)Thank you babe!

Hello! Yes! I do my hair at COVO and you can quote SHENNYCOVO for a 20% off :)
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Have you ever been in a situation where you and your best friend drank a lot of soda/water/coffee, then ended up somewhere without bathrooms?

ERRRRR, not really. Lol
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based on your experience, on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being least important and 10 the most, how important is sex in a relationship?

Why do u have to ask me this question so many times????!!!
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hi. I just read your blog post from 2014 that you did fillers for dark eye circles at IDS clinic? May I know how long the fillers lasted? Really hope you reply this! Thanks!

Hello! It lasts for about 6 months!!
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Hello Shenny, I'm thinking about going to Boracay in The Philippines for a holiday hopefully this year and I was wondering if you can recommend a good place/resort to stay. Also do you fly from Manilla or do you go by road to Boracay. I wanted to say that you are very beautiful.

Hello!! Thank you very much for your compliments ^^
Anyway... I flew to Boracay straight and went by road then sea to reach the island! I stayed at an airbnb house called Blue Peter House which was really good and by the beach! You can check that out if you're interested :)

what are you planning to get for your boyfriend for v day

Hhahahaha I didn't get anything!! Intending to get one big prezzie for our 1 year + valentines (cuz only 1 month apart) when we go to Hong Kong in August!

How you tell your parents about the staycation / vacation with the bf only? Or did you not mention it? How they approve?

Errr... just say la!!! Initially they did nag about it.... but now they are used to it I guess. Hahah besides I'm 25!!!

When do you plan to get married?

Hahha idk... next year?? I really don't know. H says that I am totally not ready to be a wife yet. LOL

Where were your previous staycations in sg?

I used to have one at Village Changi!! It was sponsored by them but it was really a lovely stay with lotsa good food around!! I'm having another staycation next month at Lloyd's Inn!! :D

I tot keline attached now? and she say she gonna engage or marry or something?

Hmmm, its a lil complicated at the moment... don't think I'm in a position to say anything!! But yeah as of now she's single!


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