Ask @shennyyang:

Hi Shenny, I dont want H meant by you not ready for marriage but you don't ever have to change! Marriage is better spontaneous, exciting and unconventional! I travelled a lot even with kids. They travel for free before 2yo. The travelling bug will never leave you! ❤️

Hello dear :) hahahahaha ohwellz maybe there are somethings that I am still unwilling to sacrifice for... idk :/

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Hello Shenny, I'm thinking about going to Boracay in The Philippines for a holiday hopefully this year and I was wondering if you can recommend a good place/resort to stay. Also do you fly from Manilla or do you go by road to Boracay. I wanted to say that you are very beautiful.

Hello!! Thank you very much for your compliments ^^
Anyway... I flew to Boracay straight and went by road then sea to reach the island! I stayed at an airbnb house called Blue Peter House which was really good and by the beach! You can check that out if you're interested :)

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