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Do you hate sen 1 and 2 or just 2,also what do you think of sen 3 so far from magazine previews on dengeki?

I was hugely disappointed at first, but now it's not even anger that I feel towards it, it's just indifference. I've come to accept that this series (or at least this arc) just isn't for me anymore. I have no interest in the next game, so I'm not following any previews.

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How does the P5 protagonist compare to P3 and P4 MCs?

It's difficult to say, since they have so little personality in their actual game (not counting anime or manga adaptations). I can only consider their visual styles, and in that subject, I like P5's MC a little bit more.

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Who's best boy and best girl in Persona 5?

I love the few glimpses of personality that the MC has. It reminds me of Lelouch vi Britannia. But my favorite girls is certainly Futaba! She got a really strong backstory, an amusing personality and she is undoubtedly the most useful support in the whole Persona franchise.

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Is sound even made if no one is there to hear it?


Schrödinger's cat is always everywhere and anywhere at the same time. Therefore, it will always be around to hear it, so this question makes no sense.

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What keeps you inspired to run your YouTube channel?

The nice and funny comments I get from the few viewers I have is enough motivation to work on more videos.

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Do you think David Cage is a good writer or a bad one?

At the very least, I think his games have interesting premises and a few "moments" to them, with certain events where you can actually care for what's happening. But his stories in general are a HUGE mess. It's filled with plot holes, terrible twists, racism, misogyny and unnecessary scenes that go nowhere.

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August software or YuzuSoft? Which is better?

Can't really answer that properly, since I don't play games from either companies. I actually had to search on google to remember what August and YuzuSoft are...

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If you meet your younger self, what do you think they'll say or think about you?

Most likely, I wouldn't recognize myself until we start to talk about games.

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Are you Japanese? Can't really distinguish your accent.


I can speak Japanese, but I'm from Brazil. Sorry for the accent. I'm trying to adapt, but unlike Japanese, the English pronunciation is very different from my native language.

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Are are you going to attend an anime convention?

There're no good anime conventions where I live, and I have no money to go to a good one on another country.

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What do you think of the Ace Attorney games? Is it easy? Hard? Intelligent? Stupid?

I like them. I think the characters are full of charm and charisma, most cases are well-written, the music is amazing, and it's a very smart way to make a Visual Novel with more interaction and gameplay!

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Thoughts on the Re:Zero anime so far?

I understand why people like it, but I don't, it's just not for me. Dropped it after episode 4.

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What are your thoughts on The Butterfly Effect movie?

It's a good movie but filled with plot holes

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Do you think an Undertale anime or cartoon would be a good idea?

It could be a good idea, but it depends on how it would be executed. This adaptation would need a very unique direction. The studio behind it and the producers would need to accept the idea to make a mature cartoon/anime that is also open to be silly. They would need to find a good balance between those (which isn't easy). The art style would also need to be something different from what you usually see nowadays. Not a super flashy shounen battle anime, nor a moe-moe thingy, maybe something close to a Disney cartoon, but with a dark tone.

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You don't have a waifu? Don't talk to me anymore.

Bitch, I don't even know who you are!

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Who is your waifu for laifu?

I don't really have a waifu...Wait! What is a "laifu"?
(looks on urban dictionary)
Aaah! No, don't got one of those, either!

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I think the name change for Kamui was expected. You already knew the name change from Reflet to Robin, right?

I mean that the name change was unnecessary in this case, because we all know that "Hoshido" (Biyakuya in the original) is based on Japan, so it would be just natural that the characters from there have Japanese names. And, yes! Kamui's name didn't change from the time he spent living in An'ya (Noir?), not even in the JP version (kinda silly, huh?). I really don't like the US changes of names. The worst case in my opnion is "Azura". She has water powers! Why not keep her name as "Aqua"? It's not like Aqua is too dificult or weird of a name for westerns to get used to.
But, anyway: "Hoshido"? Ok! I get it! But, "Corrin" and "Azura"? Yeah! Weird choices!

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Are you excited for Corn coming to smash bros?

Is Korn coming to Smash? RAD!!! Wait! This doesn't seem right! ...Do you mean "Corrin"? This is a pretty weird game, huh? When I played the game, he/she was called "Kamui". I don't know why they changed. Anyway! He/she was pretty cool in Fire Emblem IF/Fates! At least he/she's not just another swordsman!

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"One of my most hated animes of that year." Yowch. That hurts. Jokes aside, it was interesting to read your thoughts. Do you have any visual novels or video games that you think will do great as an anime? (The Shrek part was just a joke.)

If there's a Visual Novel that truly deserves an anime adaptation, that one would be Soukou Akki Muramasa. As for a video game, I'll go with a classic: Grandia! One of my all time favorites!

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What are your thoughts on YouTube reactors?

I find them boring, so I don't care about them

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Have you seen these anime, and if so thoughts? magical index, Shakugan no Shana, oregairu, Shrek, Nozaki-kun?

Magical Index - It has flaws, but it's still an enjoyable anime. Touma is not a perfect nor unique protagonist, but I always feel like rooting for him. All the other characters are interesting, too...I don't care that much for biri-biri, though...

Shakugan no Shana - I consider this series to have a huge influence in the anime/manga/light-novel industry. After the anime debut, many other series with a very similar premise appeared all of a sudden. It was also when "tsundere" became a really popular thing (Zero no Tsukaima shares part of the blame on that, though). I mostly like this series and I love the big twist in the final season regarding the protagonist, but I think the ending could be better.

Oregairu - I gave the first 3 episodes a try. It was painful! One of my most hated animes of that year. It really wasn't for me.

Shrek - That's not really an anime, right? Well, for Japanese people, any animation is "anime"...I watched the 1st two movies and I think they were really enjoyable, but the following ones were just ok at best. I think it would be for the best if the series ended on a high note.

Nozaki-kun - One of my favorite animes of last year. So funny and full of stuff I never expected to see in nowadays anime. It's a hilarious series and I love (almost) all of the characters.

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Hi there! I'm also playing Japanese games! However this learning Japanese and playing Japanese games gets kinda lonely some times, as none of my friends play these games! Is there a community that you know of, of people like you who play lots of Japanese games and are English speakers? LoveYourSite!

Thank you for visiting my blog and for reading my stuff. I usually use twitter to talk with the people who read my blog and with writters from other blogs as well. The people there all speak English and most know Japanese, too!

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Do you think Spectre was just as good, if not, better than Skyfall?

I still need to watch Spectre! I tried, but things didn't went as planned. But I've heard it's pretty good, maybe as good as Skyfall!

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You said you're a big fan of Summone nigh. What's your favorite game? And how do you feel about 5 getting a western release?

My first time playing a game in the series was Summon Night 2, and it's still my favorite to this day! I like Summon Night 5, but it's certainly one of my least favorites in the main series as of now (SN6 may change that, since I don't like RPG Crossovers). The huge change in the world setting is pretty interesting and well-written, but I wasn't a big fan of how peaceful and happy the world became. I think one of the biggest "charms" in the series was how the world was filled with racism, slavery, war, chaos and unknown forces. This gave more possibility for adventure, since there were more "obstacles" to deal with. Now it feels like the bad guys are the underdog in the battle, and I even feel like rooting for the Mafia guys sometimes! Regardless! I'm really happy to see the first title in the main series being finally localized in the west! It was about time!

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Thoughts on Koe no Katachi?

When I started reading the manga on a whim, I just couldn't stop anymore. I love that story so much! I wish the anime was a full TV series, instead of just a movie...

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