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Just seen a anonymous person confessing about him being in depression!! Iam really proud of people who have answered to his shoutout with a sight of helping him!!! Humanity still exists and really happy to see the importance of mental health!! Very happy to see that!!!

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however there's always room for improvement these efforts should be continued !
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All the people define love in different ways, but what is your opinion about love and how you define it by your way ?!

Anyone from opposite gender can get in love with each other if he or she is allowed to sit in perfect line of sight inside the classroom maintsining specified distance so that no other student intervene or obstruct them

Would you rather go to a music festival, have fun and sleep in a tent, or stay home, watch TV series and have some tasty snacks?

Ghazals Night

If you where a wicked tyrant what country would you rule?

I am the only ruler of the world and boundaries are irrelevant to me : 1st random question answered

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