Ask @shndreh:

How is it racist ? Islam / muslim is not a race , just like Catholic or Mormon are not a race. Quit trying to call anyone that does not give in to your cult , a racist. You are not peaceful and you know what your plan is .

I know that bad things u was learned it in ur home and ur life .
I’m proud of my religion cause my religion in ur opinion and u will try to stop its publish but i know u cant do that , because we r good people .
We r the best people in whole world and we r peaceful

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Is anyone scared of the secret muslum take over? Does anyone care that within 15 years we will be surrounded by all muslims? Doesnt anyone see they are pretending to be peaceful but really their goal is to infiltrate our government from local level then force Shira law throughout our own agencies?

I’m muslim and our religion ordered us to respect u when u r very vile racist .
Our religion said that to us “ u must love all people, u must be strong, honest and faithful “
Our religion said “ don’t be racist man don’t hate anyone because his religion not my religion “
Muslims people are the best peoples in whole world u know that i’m sure

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