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if i was holding something valuable of yours in the air with both hands and i wouldn't give it back what would you do?

you fetish people are so transparent

no i would not tickle you

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What would you do if you suddenly became 100ft tall

nice fetish question go back to deviant art

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How do you feel about feminist fighting for #freethenipple movement instead for women who can't receive proper education in other countries?

Blair Petrovah

although it seems like small beans, theres nothing wrong with fighting for things in your own country. freethenipple isnt as retarded as people make it sound (or feminists make it look). women should be able to breastfeed in public imo. and if men can walk around topless legally so should women (none of them will do it anyway. its legal in new york and nobody does it here lol)

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What's your advice to newer YouTubers just starting out and seeking to grow their channels?

have fun with your videos. try and be unique. have a "thing" (like sargon's TWIS, idubbzz content cop etc) and/or a character if you dont plan on showing your face. dont focus on money or subscriber count, focus on reach. talk to other people on twitter and share your videos. if they are good you will naturally go far. most important advice is be motivated. if you have passion and motivation people will naturally be drawn to that.

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How do you pronounce gif?

Luffy D Monkey

the correct way. not fucking JIFF.

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How does a social retard go about making friends?


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What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

waking skeptic up

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So I saw someone deposit that all someone needs to do to deal with ADHD is take medication. Is there any truth to that?

yeah but i'd rather not be on legal meth

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what is like ? Being a introver in a world of extrovers ?

thanks to working retail for years i know how to blend in

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So I don't wanna sound PC or like an SJW, but what do you think of stereotypes that make a races like Asian men and Black women unattractive? I don't consider this oppression and it can be funny as jokes sometimes but don't you think its messed up to make someone out as "undateable" or ugly?

beauty is subjective. doesnt matter what race they are.

and no its not messed up to find someone undateable. it's messed up to think everyones entitled to sex/dates regardless if the attraction is mutual.

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What do you think death is like? Do you believe in an afterlife?

death feels like what it felt like before you were born

and no but sometimes i try and make myself believe to feel better

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When's your birthday, and how do you like to celebrate it? :3 Love you <3


june 22
i liek icecream cake

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What is your opinion of CalExit?


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Are you and Skeptic loud in bed?

he's in danger of being kicked out of his apartment not even a joke

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Would you ever consider getting a second bun so oliber has a friend?

if he was neutered yeah

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i think its time we admit that sargon is a lolcow that hasn't been milked yet

everyone capable of saying/doing dumb things but that does not make them a lolcow. lolcows are a certain type of person who is consistent in their retardation.

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The recording of your Skype conversation with Greg was quite good and I enjoyed it, until Greg started his communist rant. Aside from the fact it's not Cold War anymore, it's literally what you always accuse the left of -- putting derogatory labels on people who don't identify with them.

yeah idk take that up with him. like i said in that video "i dont know what to call these people because everytime i give them a label its wrong"

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Loaded question: Thoughts on incest? After reading a particular story, I began thinking about this a bit. Aside from issues with genetic defects and abusive/non-consensual relationships, do you believe that people who engage in consensual incestuous relationships should be allowed to be together?

honestly yeah
it's weird and gross as fuck but if they're not hurting anyone who cares

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Was there something in your childhood your parents lied you about and you knew they were lying?

santa. i kept pretending i believed to keep them happy. kids are smarter than people think.

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What are your thoughts on SJWs referring to women as a "minority"?

arent they're 51% of earths population? if so they're technically the majority.

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What is your favourite colour combination?

baby pink and white

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what is introverts mean exactly ? and what is the difference between introverts and extroverts

basically extroverts get energy by being around others, they like parties and going out- introverts have their energy drained by being around others. they'd rather internet or read/draw etc. me personally if i do anything social i need at least 3 days of being a neckbeard to recover.

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how do you not despise your own fanbase/viewers? most of them are fucking annoying. sometimes I can't even look at replies to your tweets b/c I'll cringe my way into my grave (and I am a viewer myself, but still)

really? i think only a handful are annoying. most of the time they're genuinely funny and smart. my comment sections on youtube are not cancer, surprisingly.

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Will you make a video about the Dear White People?

yeah i need to watch it first. the movie seems good and nuanced. many people who have seen it are saying its pretty anti-sjw. if the netflix series is anything like it lots of people will have an egg on their face after the outrage.

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Shoe do you eat your hair after you pull it?

no thats a different disorder and it can actually be deadly so i'm thankful i don't have it

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