Ask @shoe0nhead:

Do you still believe everything you said about BLM?

at the time i did. i was very heated about them interrupting the LGBT parade. i know people who have been kicked out of their house, committed suicide etc because of not being accepted as gay or trans by their family and/or friends. interrupting a pride event pissed me right the fuck off. they also doxxed blaire. 2,000 retweets of her dox. so yes at that time. i truly believed that. it rustled my jimmies. now? i've been shown more examples of actual good things they have done instead of all the bad shit i was seeing. i see there is good in the movement like all movements. so no.

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You make fun of TERFs but not the alt-right (at least not as much afaik)... why?

the alt right focuses on race and race has never interested me ever. notice how i have no videos about race. no blm videos or anything like that. race issues, race realism especially, doesn't interest me. racism isn't funny or lulzy either. unless it's weird shit like richard spencer saying white people should colonize the moon. but it's rare they're lulzy. they're just.... racist. their beliefs aren't really interesting to me.
TERFs and radfems on the other hand. their ideology is so interesting to me. patriarchy theory, political lesbianism, the conspiracy theories about trans people, women as a collective... it's bizarre and fascinating. also gender debates interest me more than race. i can't help what my dumb brain finds fun to talk about.

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What is your skin care routine?

wake up:
wipe face with coconut milk wipes from sephora
spray face with grape seed water spray from caudalie
go to bed:
take shower- wash face with clinique face wash "combination-dry" formula
get out of shower- put loccitane divine lotion
this has been my routine for a few years now. my skin has always been good though. it's the one thing i'm proud of. but it feels better than ever with this routine.
coconut wipes
face spray
face wash

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Have you felt yourself leaning left a bit more since Trump's inauguration? I know I have

Corbin Poteet
i don't know. lots of people i know have become way more right or extreme therefor i'm just feeling more left upon seeing their shitty hot takes. i think i'm still the same as i always was. according to them i'm more "sjw". but they've just become more batshit retarded and are losing empathy for human beings. in my humble opinion.

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So, I believe that everyone - no matter the race, sexual orientation, gender, etc. - should be treated equal. I don't know whether I am an equality or a feminist. While I believe in equality, I also believe that men should have representation in being a rape victim, or domestic violence -thanks

if calling yourself a feminist seems right then do that. i personally think the ideology is shitty, poisoned and divisive. but you sound like a regular egalitarian like most people. labels don't really matter just be a good person.

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