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Mates that you look out for and ones that look out for you?

I like this question!
ones I look out for; Erin, kellain, jade, josh, tanisha, Yazzi, tori j, jay, brayden, cheyne, joe, louis, Ben l, mino, dev, my girls from country camp, sean m, jack p, rhand, Celia, Tegan, jess, Yaz, Bryce, curt, jake r, jess r, dion, Jayden, Stewart, tollez, mr smythe, miss matho
Look out for me; Erin, kellain, jade, tanisha, louis, josh, tegan, dion, jake r, bryce, curt, cheyne, joe, jay, brayden, Jayden, Stewart, tollez, tori j, Celia, lily, my girls from country camp, jess, Yazzi, mr smythe, miss matho

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