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1. Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.
I watched The Sound of Music with my parents when I was 5 because I was cast in my first grade class' production of The Sound of Music in a Nutshell and I absolutely loved it! My parents thought it was cute at the beginning that I'd sing the songs all the time but I don't think they were prepared for it to stick around for the next fourteen years ahaha
25. Talk about an ex-best friend.
I won't mention his name, but we were very close during my first two years of high school and we had a falling out just before I transferred schools. We made up in the semester that I was gone and continued to talk a lot, but when I ended up transferring back to the school I originally left, he stopped talking to me and started hanging out with shady people and so we more or less drifted apart. While we were friends we had a lot of fun, though! Our schedules were nearly identical so we'd go from class to class together and were our own little study group. We also used to lend each other books all the time and had many memorable conversations. Even though we don't talk anymore, I still have some of the things he lent me and they're quite precious to me.
26. Talk about things you do when you're sick.
It's not much different from things I do when I'm not sick haha. Mostly I'll watch TV and sleep and hope that my mom makes rasam bc that's my favorite thing to eat when I'm sick.
40. Talk about the end of something in your life.
The end of high school was honestly one of the best things for me. I graduated in May 2014 and it was really fantastic because college was just the fresh start I needed to get rid of a lot of negativity. I don't know specifically what this question wants, but it was the end of a pretty shitty time in my life and I'm glad to say that I'm much happier now~

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any pastries/ cakes you'd like to make one day?

i want to learn how to make tiramisu so that i stop spending so much money on buying them when i go out ahaha
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favorite flowers?

so many!! chrysanthemums and violets and poppies and hydrangeas and irises and sunflowers and lots more i just really like flowers
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omg i feel you on the whole mood and school thing /sighs/ idk kind of stressed but not really tbh

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it comes and it goes i guess. i've reached a point where i'm always stressed about something so now my life is just making stress as manageable as possible Q_Q

fave suju ships?

qmi (literally that's it i just really fucking love qmi)
i don't really pay attention to other ships and i don't have any notps aside from wonkyu i just really don't like that ship otl
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ANNNNUUUUUUUUU how are you bb

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i'm doing really well!! having odd moods here and there which is not worth but overall i'm alive and breathing and school starts soon and i'm nervous and excited but mostly just ready to get my life back on track and find some semblance of order lmao
how about you??

Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?

peter, when he's trying ; ;
and aside from that actually anyone on tlist i'm not even kidding they manage to cheer me up so quickly = 3 =

what do you smell like

like... me? my hair probably smells like the shampoo i use and at the time it's herbal essences honey i'm strong and i like perfumes a lot so probably any of the following: princess by vera wang, ghair from ajmal, jade also from ajmal, or nicole miller by nicole miller

what do you call your parents

mom and dad usually, mommy and daddy if i need something, mother or father if i'm upset


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