Ask @shotaprince:

What's your biggest phobia?

Atychiphobia: abnormal, unwarranted, and persistent fear of failure
When I was younger it was absolutely awful with me sometimes resorting in self harming simply because I couldn't escape the fear of failure through any other way but pain. It made my life harder and is the core reason of me developing all these problems I now have.
But I have gotten better at handling it. From scale from 1 to 10, if it was 10 back then, now it's probably like 6. I have worked really hard on it and although it was hard, I have seen results and I'm really proud of them!!

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Name three things you have never done, but would like to do?

1.) Draw a longer comic - I have always wanted to actually draw and FINISH a comic (that is not just one page long) but I'm not very confident in my comic making skills and my attention span is terrible. I don't understand how I even manage to focus on drawing in general omg
2.) Make a proper game - Last year I made a very short visual novel but it was, well, short. And it was my first attempt ever and I had very limited time to make it. Something bigger and more ambitious is what I'm going to aim at in the future, for sure!
3.) Sing a cover - Okay it's really silly considering I have like zero confidence in my voice and singing when it comes to having audience but. It's something I have always wanted to at least give a try to and I'm sure I will one day have the confidence!!

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What is the stupidest thing you have ever done?

My life is one stupid thing after another lmao I can't even begin to list everything, let alone think of the most stupid thing.
But this one time when I was a kid (6 years old, actually) I learned that if you stick your tongue on iron when it's cold outside, it will get stuck. And getting it out will HURT a lot and there might even be blood. And despite VERY WELL KNOWING all this, I got my tongue stuck on doorhandle because I wanted to try it too. It was awful

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How Did You And Your Number 1 Friend Become Friends?

I don't have a number one friend because I like to treat my friends as equally as I can and what is true to my feelings. I have a couple of really super dear and close friends though and I have met them all online through fandoms like Ace Attorney and Star Stealing Prince.
I have one close friend who I befriended over this blog and I think that's beautiful

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I don`t know the other girls but if I am I would definitely try to have crush on you :D because I think you're interesting boy also I like the way that you answer the questions

I'm probably the worst person to crush on to be honest considering I don't actively seek for a relationship nor do I develop romantic feelings toward people easily at all, heh.
But I'm glad if you like my answers!!

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If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who would it be? if I'm annoying with my questions don`t worry tell me ok

Don't worry, I have this account here solely for questions so it's all fine! I enjoy answering them!
Oh gosh I'm so bad with lunches in general since I don't enjoy eating at all. I think I would just invite some of my dearest friends I usually can't meet??
Or if I can raise the dead then I will DEFINITELY raise 5 random dead people (preferable being dead for pretty long already) and ask them about stuff like who are they, what did they do in their life and what was the world like during their times!!

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