Ask @shreyz9211:

Do you answer selective questions or you don't mind answering all questions on Ask?

That depends on the question precisely. Also, I'm hardly active on ask these days. So if you wish to ask me questions or talk to me anonymously, I would suggest you to add me on any other social media platform and I'll surely reply to each and every question of yours without even judging you. No hard feelings, peace! :)

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How would your friends describe you?

Shreya Poojary
Friends: He's a writer, a person consumed by wanderlust. He's quite into photography, hogging and other adventurous stuffs that he gets to know about. He's an extrovert with good interest in dance too. He makes memes when he's bored though.
Best friends: Umm.. He's just a lazy ass who just sleeps and eats like a panda and keeps filling up his diary wherever he goes.

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