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14, i actually can't believe that you're already 14 that's so crazy and i don't even know how to start because there's so many things to write so i'll just start with the fact that i don't want you to grow up fast. you are my everything and i know that i can trust you, you're so mature that it's so easy to talk with you about things that i would never thought i'd talk about with my little sister, you understand me better than anyone (eh, cause you're my sister) but you're not only my sister, you are my best friend, my partner in crime & you are obviously the prettiest little girl i know and i've seen.
aaliyah nicole maria mendes, you are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you the otherwise but you know what? you aren't only beautiful outside and inside you are smart, nice & adorable and i love you from the bottom of my heart, even when you are a lazy ass and when you're annoying as hell i still love you & i wouldn't trade you for the world i'll always be there if you need someone or something, also thank you so much for being the best sister, you're doing an amazing job i sincerely hope you'll have a nice birthday & that you'll think of me like i'll think of you
happy birthday again to you my beautiful & lovely sister & i miss you a lot
@MendesAaliyah 💙💙

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14 i actually cant believe that youre already 14 thats so crazy and i dont


today is one of my favorite human being birthday 🎉 and i'm so lucky to have her in my life, i can't believe it you're 20 today, 20?! can you believe it like time flies
i'll always support you and i'm so proud of the person you became, i'll always be on your side.
well first of all as you may know because i told you this a lot i love you so much and you hella special to me, and i'll never let anybody hurt you and specially today because today is your day and you deserve to smile and be happy 🎊
thank you, thank you for everything and don't forget to enjoy this day 🐤
ps : you're my favorite person to share a 🎂 with
i love you @camilacabelIoo


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