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apa menurutmu jika ada seorang yang beri harapan lalu ditinggal tanpa sebab gitu saja?

Ya biarin aja dia ada
Kalimat ini emg rada old-school but 'let it flow' tu emg bener adanya gitu
Org tu ga selalu +1 / -1, kita semua berubah ada yg diagramnya jd turun, ada yg naik. Semuanya tu proses, dia php ya bodo amat kita aja yg improving self, turunin expectation berharap itu sm Tuhan
“Dan Kami bolak-balikkan hati mereka dan penglihatan mereka.”(QS Al-An’am: 110)

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You’re not a girl, and not (yet) a woman. So, what are you? genderless?

Seriously genderless? Im not talking about age,im talking about attitude which is we know girls are under 25 and woman are above it. But they are so meaningfull difference. Girls are mad or maybe cant accept when they dont get what they want but woman can accepts, solves any probs and carries herself in a way that commands respect. Im not being mad when everything doesnt run right but also i cant solves anything and have problems respecting others, but know how to do so. I called it 'that thing' in my bio which means im between on them. I think you hv a problem with yourself, i know someone like that who can called anyone genderless with a mask we called 'anonymous'. Better have no gender but attitude, than have gender but no attitude

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