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Is it unreasonable to ask your boyfriend not to have female friends?

He can be friends with whoever he wants.
You have to trust him. Similar to how you would be upset if he asked you to not have any male friends.
Plus, who's to say he would never cheat with a guy or you with a woman.
Cheating could happen at any time, regardless of who your friends are.
It's called trust, try it?
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Is it controlling to ask my gf not to talk to a man who is trying to sleep with her?

You need to trust her
Obviously you can tell her what you know but she can make her own mind up
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Are you having a street party for the jubilee weekend or celebrating doing something different ?

Not doing anything
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Toxic ex girlfriend who you still feel for pops up... What do you do?

Ignore her surely
Asked toxic and an ex for a reason

Hello, it's me

I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet
To go over everything
They say that time's supposed to heal ya, but I ain't done much healing

How many of your friends are vegans/vegetarians?

Probably about half, I'm vegan so I've met quite a few others along the way and their views obviously align with mine
But the other half aren't and they're just as good friends and family
I would never judge someone's eating habits you know?

Why do people ghost?

ElsJ_’s Profile PhotoEls
I do it when I've started talking to a girl I find hot as fuck and then turns out her personality doesn't work for me for whatever reason
Or I'm bored
Or she's pissed me off
If any of that happens, I just dip

Do you like winter or summer more ?

I'll give the same answer as before:
#girlsinbikinis 😍

How did you get your current job?

Well I started in the office selling the funeral plans but then they really needed drivers and as an internal applicant I basically just got the job with no effort
And haven't left since

are you a supportive friend or are you jealous and petty ?

Otherwise why bother being friends

Do you think Netflix will be gone in the next 3 yrs?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
If they actually bring ads. Yes.
If not, then no.
Why would people pay for something with ads on top


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