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What are your thoughts on can ex's be friends after breaking up ?.

jiglii’s Profile Photojiglii
There are fucking 7 billion people on this earth why ex bro?

One adventure trip with ur partner whr would it be?

niharikags5’s Profile PhotoNiharika Gs
Idk about adventure trip coz it’s raining outside, how about anime and eat your favourite snacks?

What's on your mind right now??

mahathireddy13’s Profile PhotoM °•°
Depends on who's asking and what you want them to think.
Answers can vary from your deepest secret to just saying "your mother" so they'll fuck off.
Liked by: M °•°

were you happy today?

Physically? Mentally? Spiritually? Financially? Socioeconomically? I am not sure what you mean.


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