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How important is skincare to you?

Take my advice : always dress like u already famous ,because our dressing sense is a reflection of our thoughts which is already link to our heart .
beauty is not abt having a pretty face . its abt having a pure heart , good mind , positive approach and pretty soul ....
stay blessed sister

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Midnight Thoughts 💫

Naina Awan
i dont leave ppl but ppl leave m always . And i think thats why its hurts so badly 😑
im extremely sorry , sorry abt every word , every action , every thought . i didnt meant to hurt any1 . i knw words was mine , though ws mine even tho emotion ws mine . i man not the type of a person to gveup on someone .

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Subha se le kr shaam tak...........................

Malik Sahab
#Lahore #training #meetings #plans 📅
Not from morning to evening .
Continuously travelling from 17 feb ,
Travelling from karachi , lhr , faisalabad, mux , islamabad , sharjah to karachi.
Its not an easy journey . Nor will it be without rest but the end goal will make it all worth it . 🌺🌺

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