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Tbh Apka liye book likh skta hoon ap sab se achi ho and I love your nature and you are so kind and sweet and humble and your answers are way so good and you have amazing humor plus you are way more friendly and fun in nature and I m sure your husband is lucky to have a partner like you jo best h.

شکریہ جناب 😍

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Wajeeh ul Hassan
You still can't get over the feelings of meeting the right person on the wrong time ?🙃
وہ جذبوں کی تجارت تھی ، یہ دل کچھ اور سمجھا تھا
اُسے ہنسنے کی عادت تھی ، یہ دل کچھ اور سمجھا تھا
The day you started talking , from seldom to often, about your daily routine , from casual to discussions , from letting them know how you spend your day to telling them that why you can't make it today. You talked about your choices , your hatred , your priorities, your future. From the little ones to the major problems and pleausres you started sharing ; to relish them more. 💫
مجھے اُس نے کہا ، آؤ نئی دنیا بساتے ہیں
اُسے سُوجھی شرارت تھی یہ دل کچھ اور سمجھا تھا
And the time where you started falling for them. You share your problems and think that they make them their owns. Right that time , you think , that they take your heart away. And there , you started fading away. 🥀
ہمیشہ اُس کی آنکھوں میں دھنَک کے رنگ ہوتے تھے
یہ اُس کی عام حالت تھی یہ دل کچھ اور سمجھا تھا
You were just sharing your timely things with each other and you started thinking that they plunge into your life but all in a sudden they realize you that you're nothing but just a FRIEND. A friend of present time about whom they're not sure to either keep it in the future or not. They changed , they evovled but you can't accept it. And the tracks detached ultimately.🍂
وہ میرے پاس بیٹھا دیر تک غزلیں میری سُنتا
اُسے خود سے محبت تھی یہ دل کچھ اور سمجھا تھا
Some people are intended to be on specific ranks in our lives naturally. To be just best friends , friends , known one and either nothing atlast. Neither more nor less.
And on the point where you can't blame them. You blamed time. As meeting the right person on the wrong time. Is it really so ?🍁
میرے کاندھے پہ سر رکھ کر کہیں پہ کھو گیا تھا وہ
یہ اِک وقتی عنایت تھی یہ دل کچھ اور سمجھا تھا
No , time is in your God hands and HE is exempted from of doing mistakes. ✨
Either you don't meet the right people or you don't praise their presence in your life.

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