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Can someone be too depressed to clean their own house?

yes! if they can even end their own life do you think cleaning the house would be more important ?!

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Can someone who suffers from depression and trauma ever be really loved by someone?

Why the hell not?! but start with loving yourself first.

Y’all cannot change my mind in titanic rose was one selfish mf if the roles were reversed Jack would’ve shared the door since there was enough room but rose let jack d!€ of hypothermia then watched him sink to the bottom of the ocean


I struggled a lot with depression throughout my life...dealing with mental, emotional, and physical abuse...I always feel so alone... All I've ever wanted was love and to finally feel safe....I always attract people who trick me into thinking they want to love me...and end up hurting me more...idk

if you always attract those people then there's an issue on your end too. find out what is it and work on yourself first. good luck.

Do aliens exist?

does God exist? whatever answer you have for this is also an answer for your question.

Name a justifiable reason a man would want to know where his daughter is being taken say with her mother? Do men have 50% rights?

Cause it's "His Daughter" his responsibility.

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