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If you had a girlfriend, How would you treat her?

Honestly, I would want her to always be happy and to be comfortable with me. I'm not a really jealous person. I would want her to spend time with her friends, even if they are guys, but only if I really trust her. But I would make her my priority and stay loyal to her. I'll try my best to be there for her because I ain't perfect and I know I won't always be there, But I promise I'll be there whenever possible. Aaaaand I would always make her feel wanted because every girl wants a guy that will make her feel wanted, trust me, they do.

your sexy and you know it (x eh haha don't deny my compliment nigga(x

okay then x) Thank you (: You are beautiful
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What is your best question to get to know someone?

"Who the fuck are you?" Kidding x)
I don't believe in only just one question, It takes more than just one question to understand and know someone well.
But i think the best question would be "If you had the chance to change anything in your life, what would it be?"
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