Ask @sillythings48:

is 30K USD enough for a 90d trip to Japan? If so, how would you budget a majority of it? #30KJPN

should be enough, you might end up spending quite a bit on transportation though. food and accommodation cost can be highly variable so it will just be plus & minuses. It's easy to find decent food for cheap in Japan! I'm not the best person to ask about budgeting cause I don't really have a limit. anyways, have fun. lucky you.

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Why Yukirin didnt come to any of the AKB49 thing, I really think she's good friend with Sae. Is it because of Kurofuku? I'm just sad because no SaeYuki but there's Yuko, Sayaka...

ya, it was too bad that Yukirin wasn't able to go watch it but sometimes that's how it is with their work schedule. Yukirin did go see Sae's other musical

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