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Hi, do you have any tips for clean dialogue audio when there is no 5.1 audio available? Your audio is always so clean and well balanced - do you work a lot on this and if yes, how? Thanks :)

A lot of time even if I have 6 channels its hard to find the audio clean.. and other times when only 2 channels it is too easy. Depend of the dialogue too, sometimes is impossible both ways so I just play with the volumen between the music and the voiceover.

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what its the best part of being an vidder?

share my love for shows/movies that usually nobody watch, also characters or couples so underrated.
And the most important CREATE STORIES. And when they are crossover, totally made up by my imagination, I feel so free and they inspire me a lot (these actresses I use) and it¡s my way to show the world how important is for me culture, art, and THEM.

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Hello :3 After your vita and virginia video i wonder whats your top 5 lesbian movies are? What makes them good in your opinion? (and thank you so much for my huge crush on Patri :D)

OH. This question is so important and just I discovered the best lesbian movie ever so here we go! =)
1) DESERT HEARTS (1985) - this is the best movie ever, how they show us a lesbian character without prejudgement, and how soft it is their relationship. This is the mother of LGBT culture.
2) Vita&Virginia (2018) - only thinking they were real people... I admire them too much, the story was perfect, so angst but I adore the actresses and movie.
3) Professor Marston and The Wonder Women (2017) - So IMPORTANT also, show a throuple like this one, also based in real people. So great movie!!!! As you see, period drama movies always the best.
4) Imagine Me&You (2005) - A classic!!! 15 years old one and stil lthe best romantic comedy movie, and probably only about lesbiaaaaaaaans!!!!
5) Reaching for the moon (2013) - again, a vintage movie with real people, real story behind and so good performances!!!!!!!
thanks for ask, even probably you won't read it, I am so late in my answer and PATRICIA LÓPEZ ARNAIZ ES LA MEJOR!

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