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"ever question your sexuality ? Not once. I know that there is plenty of people who have done it about me but I know who I am and what I am attracted to 11 days ago" So that is a answer to an old question. But the real question is. What is it you're attracted to?

Honesty. Loyalty. Kindness. How real a person is. Creativity. Intellect. The ability to hold a conversation. There's plenty of other small things. This answer seems pretty general but I am very picky

Love anyone?

This is such a ridiculous question just because you and me have two different thoughts on what love is. Do I love someone the way you think love is. Probably not. But do I think I love someone the way love is, than yes I do

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Is it really fair to her that you would make her the second priority? It seems that's what you've done, no denying it. How is that right if she's so patient and caring, that's just taking advantage of her good qualities then. Why don't you want anything outside of her to change? They probs should...

Alright first of all I am not making her a second priority. If she was a second priority I wouldn't care about how she feels and I wouldn't hate myself when I upset her. And ya I can admit I take advantage of her sometimes but its not on purpose. Its subconscious its so many things except on purpose. It is my fault though so I'm not trying to divert the blame Im just saying its not on purpose. And I don't want things outside of her to change because thats not how I believe a relationship should work. Two people really match when their two lives can be put together and neither of them has to sacrifice something. And I'm not talking about specifics like how much time you spend with someone I'm talking about the people you talk to, the activities you do, the way you act. Stuff like that. It wouldn't be fair for me to ask her to change something like that just like it would be unfair for her to ask me. We can mesh like that I know we can cause we have times where things were going really well.

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What do you plan to do for her in order to keep her? So far you've just been the biggest asshole ever.

I plan on making a change. And thats about as deep as I'll go here because it doesn't only involve my life
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if you don't treat ur gf right and you're aware why the hell are you with her

Im with her because I want to be with her. The decisions I make don't affect whether or not I want to be with her
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r u happy that hailey found a better guy then u

Are you happy that you somehow slipped past all those elementary school spelling tests? Besides that I am very happy she found someone shes happy with because she deserves that

Why did you skip my question? Is the answer too much for you to handle?

If yours was the big long one then i skipped it because i was busy yesterday and thought yours deserved a little thought and attention seeing as its a very delicate subject

how is your gf still with you like lol

Cause she cares about me and she is mature enough to realize that I'm not perfect and neither is this world. She wants us to work and I want us to work. We have already talked about it a lot and we both know where we sit right now.

would you even be upset if you lost your gf?..

Yea I would be very upset... I wouldn't be with her if I wouldn't be upset if she broke up with me

Don't you think it's extremely immature and unprofessional to talk about you and how much you shit when you have such a nice girlfriend who you should show some respect and maturity for?

What the fuck do those to things even have to do with each other? Those are two completely different topics... Like they don't even relate to each other. How does respecting my girlfriend have to do with making poop jokes? Seriously lighten up there is such a thing as being too mature

Do you think you're deserving of your girlfriend?

Sometimes yes sometimes no. A lot of the time no. I don't always treat her the way I should but its not because I don't want to its because I'm to scared of what will happen to those I'm already close with. I don't want anything outside of her to change but I also want to be in a relationship with her. I've heard lots of people say that its easy and that I'm just stupid but until they switch places with me for a month they will never know how hard it is being torn between things you care so much about. I don't always prioritize the way I should but if by some godly power I can somehow solve what I'm doing wrong then on that day I will believe I deserve her.

you seem so sweet, she's lucky to have you (:

Thank you so much! And I like to think that I'm more lucky to have her! Because no matter how sweet I seem I can be hard to handle sometimes, but she is so loving and patient I'm just so glad I have her

Can you just please be with me

I'm sorry but I don't want to! I am very happy with the girl I am with and I don't plan on changing her any time soon! I promise as long as you are good to those around you and treat the world, yourself and others with respect, you'll find someone better than me because trust me, I am no where near as good as it comes! Don't worry you'll find someone. I promise

Can I just steal everything you have? And I mean everything and everyone

No thanks! I'm very happy with the people in my life so I would like to keep them were they are :) I've also started to really work my butt off for my achievements so I'd like to keep those to! But don't give up cause I know that no matter who you are you can have everything I have and more for your very own! If its success you want than you have to work as hard as you can and I guarantee it will come to you! If its close friends who you know care about you than keep searching! You have so many years left in your life to find them! Don't think that if you don't have them in high school that you wont later! Remember high school is only 4 years out of probably about 78 of your life! Thats not a lot at all! In fact most of the friends you will have for the rest of your life are the ones you make in university because its common for you to make close personal bonds with them since you live with them! Now that doesn't mean that your friends from high school will disappear because my family still hangs out with my moms old high school friends! You just have to remember to not loose faith in anything. Especially this early in your life! Good things come to those who wait. If you demand everything now then all you will receive when you're older is misfortune and stress. Because you already sucked out all the happiness to use while you were young! Have faith and I promise you will find exactly what you are looking for and more

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What's it like dating robert?

Hmm I find that question difficult to answer because I never have dated Robert and neither has anyone else. So until some day when he gets into a relationship with someone I guess I can interview that person and get back to you later? Unless of course you just date him yourself and answer your own questions. I dunno we could make a whole huge project about this together if you wanted. Do all the research and shit cause clearly neither of us know

i love u do u love me?

Yeup, I love everyone and everything till they prove me wrong or give me a reason to dislike them

dont get offended when someone calls u gay, its only being said because your with the same guy all the time mite as well break up with your gf solves everythin

I don't get offended actually cause i know I'm not gay. The person who called me fag is actually a good friend of mine and we were joking. Also who the fuck are you too comment on my life? Really? I'm sure you have your own problems you need to solve and I could probably think of a million things wrong with you if I knew who you were. And would breaking up with her really solve everything? Cause as far as I'm concerned she wants to be with me and I want to be with her. So theres 2 problems that are just made worse and I could list like 100 more things that would go wrong. So kindly fuck off and solve your own problems and leave me to solve mine! :)

How good is your eyesight?

LOL cant read worth a shit outa my left eye. But still dont have glasses. i mean yolo right

last time you truly cried your eyes out?

After a driving lesson with my dad when i sped threw a stop sign. I have a long emotional history with my dad and its been a long time so i just kinda cracked

Does Robert have a crush on you?

I highly doubt it. Me and rob are very close friends and thats it. Just cause we spend a lot of time together doesnt make us gay.


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