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I was told to send everyone i follow a random question so here it goes, what are 5 random facts about you?

yourboyjeremy’s Profile PhotoJeremy
1. I'm a total nerd. I love to watch movies and tv shows like Dr. Who and Sherlock
2. I have never kissed a boy? Does that count? hahaha
3. I've been homeschooled from kindergarten to 8th grade. Freshman year of high school was my first year in school in a LONG time.
4. I had ear tube surgery when I was like 1
5. I basically have monkey toes....not even kidding

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What things do you love?

Here are a few...
1. God
2. My family
4. Warm hands soothing my cold ones
5. Massages
6. Love
7. Reading
8. Something warm to drink
9. Crafts
10. My friends
11. My second family(s)
12. Theatre
13. Singing chapels
14. My cousins that love Catching Fire and much as I do ;)
15. Cross stitching
16. God's Grace
17. Sacred moments
18. Contagious laughter...I just can't help myself!
19. Serious talks
20. Trust
21. Sensitivity
22. My school
23. Dressing up(occasionally)
24. Weddings
25. Inspiration
26. Clothes :p
27. Encouragement
28. Snow
29. Teachers
30. Freedom of Religion
I'll stop there :p

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