Ask @sirKoop:

K.Dot's verse on Control....

It was a simple verse (for my gen of listeners 1993-1998) but complex for new gen listeners. Already people have proven they don't LISTEN to lyrics nor knows how to decipher correctly. New York was not called out... his fellow artist of today was. It is needed to make the transition from simple rap to something more. We shall see cause right now, everyone thinks this is a one song an done thing... its not.

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UGK, 8ball & MJG, Outkast, Scarface, 3-6, order best to worst(relatively obviously)

Scarface listen to The Diary, Outkast listen to ATLiens, UGK listen to Riding Dirty, 8Ball and MJG listen to On top of the world, and Three 6 Mafia listen to The End. Its hard to take a solo artist and have it go up against groups. Though Face can take the cake, Andre 3000 would come second followed by Bun B followed by Eightball.

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You got our family making any noise this week?

I have them learning themselves and where they stand this weekend. It has been a few years and multiple outings... now is the definitive moment to know how good they are, where they feel they are going, and if they can perform better than last year. Noise wise, some have already made a name for themselves and other might but I feel it will be outside of the tournament format.

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