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I am the hipster vigilante, Triangle Man. I scour the internet guarding the sanctity of young people's individuality. My powers are probably too obscure for you to comprehend. Once again, as this is a question site- as apposed to a statement site- what is your dream car?

I beg your pardon, poor Triangle Man, but if you parade around the internet - especially in those areas where you yourself are a member - would'st thou also vanish amongst the masses? Your powers, eh? Alas, I may be but a man, but in saying that, I have quite the mind to comprehend such things... and their likeness. And I have many "dream cars", one of them being the Cadillac LaSalle. I'm also a fan of Jaguars and older models of a plethora of other makes. Don't get me wrong though, Bugatti's are works of art as well.

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You don't seem the "Bandwagon" type. This surprises me. For the sake of having a question, what would you say is your favourite club/after school activity?

Nay, not a jot. My favourite club? I'd have to say Film with my dear friend Snelling. As for activities outside of the school, more than spend time with friends I dare not say. Haha, and if I might inquire: who is this? Then again, I suppose the anonymity of it all is all the fun.

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Did you do this because it's the cool thing to do lately, or were you genuinely interested in answering genuine questions? Or, better yet, were there deeper motives?

Actually, this is all part of a deep, elaborate scheme to overthrow the US government... Haha, no, I was just curious as to what this was. However, if anybody happens to ask me any genuine questions, I'll give them all genuine answers. Why, do you feel as though I'm vicariously wronging you by having an account?

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