Ask @sirnimbus:

About The Keeper, why did you change his tentacles for the spider legs? It seems there's another conection with everymanhybrid because of the corenthal's letter in the diary, but it's strange to see a spider Keeper beeing a octopus Keeper at same time at both shows.

He has the ability to do whatever the hell he wants with is auxiliary appendages. I'd attribute the spider legs to his location however, the boardwalk is full of huge ones.

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Back in the beginning when you started doing TribeTwelve there were a lot of operator symbols hidden throughout the videos. Were you aware the symbol was a representation of the Operator from MH seeing how Slender Man and the Operator are two different entities?

My series started out as an homage to MH to test my abilities as a video creator, nothing really meant to be legitimate series material. I used a lot of their elements, black background / white text, operator symbols, video tearing. As I got more ideas, I formulated a plan to take my series in a new direction and make it my own. So I removed all of the Marble Hornets motifs, made my own symbol, and the rest is history. I did keep the video tearing though, as it's more an aesthetic distortion choice I stuck with.

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