Ask @sitara_2001:

What's the last compliment you gave somebody?

amazing dress. you look adorable!!

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What makes you strong?

my abilities to make amazing friends, have a wonderful family, and be around safe people who i can always trust and be truthful to.

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What’s the best thing you have learned from your parents?

always be there for others

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Your song of the day!

India Waale (Hindi)

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heyyy what is up? r u good with advice?

yeah. whats up?

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Would you rather continue your life as it is or start it over?

continue my life

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What is the worst thing that can happen on a Monday morning?

no voice

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What things help you relax the best?

My friends <3

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PAP your favorite view!

PAP of your favorite face?

What's the best way to get your attention?

call me

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If you had to get on a 14 hour flight, who would you want to sit next to?

- Bella
- Pravin
- Ved
- Stephanie

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What do you do when it's too hot to go outside?

eat icecream

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Summer vacation is perfect for what?

Should schools offer cash bonuses for good test scores?


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What made you happy today?


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Who is your most attractive friend?


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Post a picture of the weather where you are!

When you are super bored, how many times you open the refridgerator?

What's the last book you read?


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What would you do if you found a celebrity's phone?

photo bomb!!!

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Who sent the last text message you received?

Albert V.

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Are the people you've gone to school with cooler than most?

well i think everyone at my school,are 🆒! !!!

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did u have an ex- boyfriend? If so, show us a pic!!

Yes. His name is Pravin and I miss him!!!

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PAP must-have items for the summer!

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