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are there any parts of ur body u don’t like being touched?

I don't like being touched in general. Unless I've told you it's okay to touch me, don't. I hate it when people also touch my hair without asking. I don't care how curly and pretty it is or how it looks so soft, don't touch it. And don't ever come up behind me and touch me, especially if we're strangers. My glasses aren't part of my body, but don't take them off my face and put them on yours! It's so rude.

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What's on your mind today?

Jeez, all I can think about how horrible last night was. Everything is flooded. I had to take the Thruway to work because the road is always take is under water in three places and closed. It's so weird to see that my town and the next one east are pretty much the only ones with creeks that didn't flood, but both of our creeks have been or are being worked on to prevent flooding since we usually do. It's just crazy.

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😂😂😂like what has he gotten into now I’m curious as hell 😂😂

Robbie I Abramson
Mostly my food. My sister and I (but mostly me) made some bomb ass chicken meatballs. I had the last of them in a bowl and was gonna eat them, but I had to do something for someone in my house. I put the bowl on top of my dresser, which was much taller than him at that point. He still got it. I was very upset when I got back to my room and the bowl was empty in my bed. He looked so smug. He literally ate my Dean Winchester Pop Funko, he ate two (cheap) lamps. My favorite WALLET. My learner's permit and my DJ license had teeth marks in them. One of my sketch pads. Thankfully one of my small ones that I still don't use much. A much more expensive sketchbook that I got at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on a field trip to NYC. I was pissed about that. I still use it. When I feel like drawing. Half of the pretty colored pencils I got as a Christmas present. Also pissed about that. A bunch of other stuff I'm sure I've forgotten.

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