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Hello :) first of all thank you guys for the huge effort you put into supporting SJ in every way you can! I came with a suggestion not a question~ how about translating the info you post to several languages since ELF are from all over the world and not everyone is good enough in English -1-

Hello to you too. Thank you for the suggestion, we always welcome suggestions but in this case we are currently in the midst of translating our tutorials to help those who can not understand English fluently in the languages our staff is fluent in. Thank you once again. :)

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Do you guys need help in terms of managing the site and so on?

We always welcome any help for maintaining the website but of course not all we can accept

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How do i send a gift to the members? :)

You can try to bring it to their cafe or guesthouse or u can try to give them when they have any fan signing. But please remember do not throw your gifts to them or push yourself or the gifts for them to take

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what is [staff member] doing in [twitter account] spreading EXO's love to the world really an opposite goal of sjworld's

I decided to filter the names in your question because it was inappropriate. Staff members have all rights to be interested in other groups and help out other fans, we can't forbid them to focus on other fanbases. They're not getting paid for their work. 90% of our old sjworld staff is not even in the fandom anymore.

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why sjworld's theme is green not sapphire blue?

We just decided to go for a fresh change, it's been (sapphire) blue for too many years :)

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hi~ is still open right? i just got confused because gaia mentioned before that it will be closed?

Only for now and we don't know for how long. We have collected only $55 in donations the past year, and we pay $60 every month. So...

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when does TBGO album genie code expire?

Hi, TBGO genie codes expired March 31st ^^

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This isn't important but there's an option where you can choose AAC+ or MP3 and download power(?) and I was wondering if it makes a difference or what's originally there is fine. Thanks!

AAC and MP3 is the quality of the song. Bitrate to be exact. AAC gives you better quality but uses more space than MP3 which compresses the song and in the process altering sound quality. It really depends on you, MP3 doesnt really make it sound horrible (as it is the most common used) but if you want really good sound then I suggest AAC which is worth it :)

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Nvm ignore that question I found the redeem button but when I try to redeem it it says it has to be redeemed in the country I'm from. There's a tutorial online called "Tips on how to use an itunes gift card on MelOn" but I still don't understand how it works. If you can figure it out please tell me.

Before you change your country settings you need to put in the code and then change to Korea iTunes store :)

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Do you have to have wifi to stream songs on your phone? Can it be "pre-loaded" then played offline like Soundcloud lets you do? If you download songs on your phone can you see those songs that you downloaded and download them again on your computer? Do they stay on your account forever? Thanks!

Hello there, It depends on you. If you want to stream and help SJ on charts then it is neccessary for you to stream it with Wi-Fi so it counts as a stream for the chart but you can always download the song on your phone and listen anytime you want to (without Wi-Fi) through the app. :)

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About the melon tutorial, so we need an iphone to purchase the pass but can we use a itunes gift card to purchase it instead of a credit card? Also, once you buy it on the iphone, can you download songs on your computer instead? Also, do you have to wait 30 days until you can buy more songs? Thx!

Hi there, yes you can buy it with an iTunes gift card, and once you've purchased the album or song you can download it through the melon desktop website. If you purchase the 30 song pack then you'll have remaining songs you can still purchase as long as it is before the 30 days and if you have used them all up then you just have to purchase another pack.

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Do you know about Super Junior

Atika Hae

Yes we do, How bout you? ;)

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Hi US elf here can I attend a SS6 concert in future in Asia.

Sorry for the late answer, U can buy the ticket online for example for SS6SG u can try buy it on sportshub

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I always wanted to send a fan male to Sj members. Is it possible to do so since I reside in Pakistan? Any possible ways online?

Did you mean fan mail?

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May i know the plan for brinhing sjsubs back.. Are u guys still working on that? I really hope to see u guys back! More subbinh team more merrier XD

We have SJWords now for our subbing team but because the lack of translator, we havent subbed a long video yet

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Hello. I wanna ask if I can buy Kyu's album through you or not. I I can, mind explaining the steps? And link me to the form I need to fill? (sorry I'm very new to overseas purchase like this) How much is it approximately including shipping fee to SEA countries? If I can't, do you know where to buy

Please read this: and then email forty inquires. Thanks! :)

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Hi, I was wondering if sjworld actually has a subbing team? If yes, is it planning to sub SJ Radio Star? Why isn't anyone subbing it?


We don't have a concrete subbing team as of yet. We can't speak for other fanbases but even with the very little SJW staff that are available to help with subs, Radio Star is unfortunately a really big project that /we/ simply cannot tackle. We did post a transcript of some parts of Radio Star in the meantime. You can find them here:

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Why is the sjworld blog practically dead? There are so little posts ._. sorry if I offended anyone, I didn't mean to!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately ㅠㅠ

A lot of our staff are still students, and many of us have jobs on the side, so many of us are preparing for our final exams and haven't found the time to update and answer questions on a regular basis.

Despite this, we are trying to posts as much as we can within our own constraints and free time.

Hope you can understand~

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do you know sj sales now for gda ?

GDA works with the Gaon chart, so we won't know for sure until they release their next report (in about two weeks). We do know that the deadline for albums to be counted is December 4th, so if you're still thinking of buying the album, there's still a bit of time!

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Hello :)! Sorry for asking this, but I still don't understand how will be the final count of albums for GDA. It is A+B, A+C, or the three versions will be counted separately?

Hi! Following the same rules as previous years, all 3 versions should be counted together. However, should they happen to change the rules and separate it, GDA follows the Gaon charts. Gaon counts A+B as a single version and C as the repackage. So worst comes to worst, A+B would be one, C would be the other. As mentioned before, though, in earlier years all versions were counted together for the final yearly awards.

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Will This is love be counted for MAMACITA at the end of the year or do they see this is love apart from version A? I'm not sure to buy ver. A or ver. C... Ver. C has more songs, but i'm not sure if it counts towards the charts for the awards ;)

Hi! As of now, it's hard to tell. However, if the awards follow the same standards as previous years, all versions should count towards the awards.

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will there be download links for the last and today's SJM Guesthouse?

What is sebawaki? I see people say SJ guested on it... But never heard of it? .___.

It's the Quiz to Change the World show.

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Hi, do you know who is subbing the Radio Star episode with SJ?

At this time, we still do not know if anyone plans on doing English subs for Radio Star. As for Chinese subs, Chinese fans have already subbed the show and it can be found on Tudou. Try putting the words "20141008 Radio Star Tudou" into your search engine and it should be the very first result.

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Can we stream 3 different songs on genie in one hour? Just not the same one more than once?

Hello~ I'm not sure about this but I think it would be ok to stream them all once per hour since they are different songs. XD But we have plenty of genie codes if you run out!

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