Seberapa penting kah mengenal latar belakang seseorang dalam konteks berteman/mencari pasangan? Misal; mengetahui ideologi politik, standar moral, keyakinan, dsb.

problematic opinion ahead: most people on my LINE timeline are so fucking annoying it's like they follow one or two ~social justice~ official accounts and they start calling out the same damn problematic issues like a broken record which might sound great in theory because this approach prevents people from getting away with being ignorant and discriminatory but for the most part it includes shaming, pushing, and punishing the people being called out, repeating the same tactics of the systems of oppression we’re trying to move away from. i feel like it has now become a way for people to simply show how educated they are and to attack others online--trying to knock each other down to be crowned the movement’s Best Activist instead of educating and creating discussions. this ain't gonna do us any better bitch sit down

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