Sorryyyy for the looooong question I have no one to ask to 😂 Thank youuu very much. Good day, Zara!

Ayu Wulansari
wow okay your question is LONG so lemme sum it up: you're using BHA twice a day and physical exfoliation once every two days in your otherwise moisturizing routine and you're worried about overexfoliating?
i can't say exactly what the signs are and when it's happening because every skin has different level of acid tolerance so some people may be able to handle it daily and some can only do it a few times a week and so on. still if you're new to acids i recommend doing it gradually, cut back on physical exfoliation (it's virtually useless at this point) and use sunscreen religiously. the damage of overexfoliation may not be able to show in a couple of days or weeks but with long term use it can lead to damaged moisture barrier and you won't see it coming

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