Ask @skinnycb:

Religion is nothing more than a safety blanket for those who are scared of the dark. There are trees over 100,000 years old, and human civilizations over double the Creationists age of the universe. We have found solid, undeniable evidence for evolution; the same can't be said for your god.

Yes you can say we've founded information about God through the bible He speaks and it also speaks through the bible through us!

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Creationism is complete non sense. The idea that a magical sky being created the entire universe in 6 days, and that the earth is only a few thousand years old is so illogical it hurts. Why do you not believe in evolution in the first place? Someone with any measure of intelligence would.

Because it says in the bible everything you need to know with God making the Heaven and the Earth and then making humans and making animals. Have you read the bible any? I feel bad for you and the non-believers I can't change somebody's fate, but I hope I can try. Everybody needs to know about God and what He has done!

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