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Thoughts on girls who send their nudes and guys who ask for them! #NoHate #MakeTheWorldABetterPlace

Okay so a guy asks a girl for nudes and lets assume the girls gives it too. What did it mean? It just meant he is gonna fap seeing it 😂😂 and for most of the cases it gets leaked wait but y did she send? Coz girls are not so seedha now days (not all) and then they regret after doing everything. Come on whats the point now 😂😂 . If u are so eager to do physical stuff i dont say no but internet ko toh maaf krdo yaar. 🙏🏻

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I dont understand how some people can just look at pics of couples they know and just say they're goals! Like you dont know what's going on between them or anything. You can say that they look cute together but not "goals" unless you know their relationship on a reasonable level. Views?#nohate#staif

People call things goals because they want to be in that position. They want to live like them and when they call them goals its automatically understood to them that they are living a happy life. But see there are those who get happy seeing their known once happy and their are those who pretend to be happy but aren't one. They are just jealous. Its just all on us whether to be the happy one or them who get burnt in the fire of jealousy. 😊

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Tell something true?

When your bunking TUTIONS and dad comes to know. He then calls you "I need you home in 5 mins" And then you trying to reach home as late as possible but every fucking force helps you reach home as fast as possible like"uncle sees u and be like come beta ill drop you or you get direct taxi.
In the meanwhile when you want to reach early somewhere bloody you wont even find a cab that time.

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