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What is the most pointless invention?

I don't know about the most pointless inventions but I think iPad/iPad mini is quite pointless if you think about it.

do covers for the pretty reckless and crown the empire pleaseeee :-)))

There is Crown The Empire if you look carefully! HAHA maybe I should put a post on all the series available. And yes, pretty reckless will be on the next update or the one after! (:

need to quote anyth? :)

For the buy 3 get $1 off each case offer, nope! I'll deduct automatically no worries ^^

What's cool nowadays?

Dunno. Keyboard warriors hating on people and cyber bullying seems to be the in thing now for most kids? I'm a guy and so I'm not really into this drama thing though. No time and don't care. In all boys schools whenever you hate or don't like someone you just tell them in the face, fight it off with fists and then it's over already no time to waste hating
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