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where would you start if you were living in the united states and you wanted to study abroad ? how much were the fees? etc i want to study abroad but i'm not sure how i can hehe

I'm not from the US so I'm not sure (;_;) It's pretty expensive though so if you can get a scholarship it'll help!

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hi, i wonder what camera did you use.. thanks! *o*

I use an Olympus Pen E-PL8 most of the time!

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I wish i were like you :c living the dream of college in Tokyo! Im not bilingual nor am i smart enough to write essays for overseas in their native language. ..so envious rn ㅠㅠ

There are universities in Tokyo where you can study in English, so you can take your time to learn Japanese! If you have a dream of going to Japan, I'm supporting you (^o^)

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omg i havent been checking for updates on your blog recently and now you're already in tokyo!! congratulations!! ☆\(^ω^\) what course are you studying in japan?

It happened really fast! Thank you (*´ω`*) I'm studying liberal arts!

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i've just watched your new dance video and i loved the choreography!! <3 Congrats on getting accepted!!

Thank you!! Ahh I'm glad you enjoyed it♡

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/(。^o^)ヽCongratulations on your University acceptance〜I much anticipate reading of progress〜Thank you in advance!Are you able to say at this stage whether you'll be residing the warmth of Family/Friends in Japan、or on Campus〜be it alone though rather a concerted room mate(s)〜Truly、Yours Concerned.


Thank you! I'm not living alone, so don't worry (^^)

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hi miu!! firstly, congrats on getting accepted into a japanese university!! may i know how did you apply? is it through a scholarship or directly to the university? i'm interested in studying in japan too!

Hello! Thank you♡ I applied directly to the university myself. I had to mail all the necessary documents and personal essays to the school before they called me for a second screening (^^)

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Oh ! It's okay ! Just wanted to know if it's in Tokyo so I might have the chance to meet you one day ! XD

Yes, it's in Tokyo (^o^)
Ahh that'd be nice!

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which uni are you going to ? :)

I'm uneasy sharing that info online, sorry (;_;)
But if we know each other personally I'll tell you in private~

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Hi ^^ What app/software do you use to edit and add cute graphics to all of your pictures?

Hello! I use Photoshop and draw most of the graphics (^-^)

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Are u going to uni?

Yes! I'm starting this year.

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/(ღ・ェ・)ヽIt's a wonderful joy to read with great anticipation & enthusiasm your exciting Japan Adventures〜Thank you kindly for sharing!Curiously〜between Singapore & Japan〜where would you prefer primarily to reside、 be it now or the future?As always、a pleasure to Follow your lovely Lifestyle updates!!

Thank you! I love them both, but my home country is where my heart will always be for the long term. (^-^)

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What's the text you use for the links to your wordpress that you're adding in your images now? (Btw it looks 100% more official and cooler) -3-

Orator Std! It's a standard font I think, so your computer may already come with it (*゚v゚*)

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What is your favourite place and cuisine in Singapore and Japan? ^^ Have a nice day!

My favourite Singaporean food is kaya toast, and in Japan taiyaki the most (^o^)b

As for places...Singapore → Kinokuniya bookstore
Japan → There's too many. I can't choose 。°(°`ω´ °)° But if I picked a place i feel really comfortable at then maybe Crayon House in Omotesando.

Thanks and have a good day too!

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/(。^ェ^)ヽI'm amazed by your exhilarating J-Obsession Dance Performances & how self-confident you seem!Obviously you've danced for sometime & clearly it's a passion you're very good at〜as well enjoy!What is it about dancing & especially performing to like-minded people〜you find particularly rewarding?

Thank you (^^) As long as I have fun doing it, I'm happy!

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hi miu! thanks for replying to my question! i've tried folding and tucking in the edges of the beret but it just doesn't seem to stay...did you use a pin to secure it? sorry for bothering you ><

I don't use a pin (>_<) If you tuck it in securely it should stay, but it could also depend on the diameter of your beret! If it's too wide for your head size, then it'd be more difficult...so you can consider using hair clips! Otherwise, I've made this mini guide here so you can see how I fold it in (*´・∀・)

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/(ღ^ェ^)ヽYour adorable alpacassos appear from time-to-time in Blog updates!Could I ASK〜How many you own〜do they have cute names〜what's their favourite food〜I noticed one using a laptop〜do they help with your homework/Blog articles & do they sleep in their own beds or cuddled up with you!Thanks again!

I can't count them now, but there're almost ten of them now (^^) The whole family is just called Alpaca-san ahaha. The big ones get to stay in my bed (^o^)

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awh :c its only in singapore the clubsnap, but i live in America.. ; A ;

Oh (;_;) Besides that I only know eBay and Amazon, sorry (;_;)

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/(。ღェღ)ヽOMG〜You're so cute bright & bubbly!So many Talents〜I think you are a fusion of creative inspirationAll I'd like to ASK is you please continue to keep doing what you do so wonderfully well〜It's always with great anticipation I look forward to your amazing gracious contributions!Thank you

Thank you! As long as I enjoy it, I want to continue doing what I do (^^)

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dancing while wearing a beret/hat too! i would really appreciate it! ^^

For the beret, you need to fold and tuck in the edges before you fit it over your head! If that's not clear, then maybe I'll try to show it on my blog (^o^)

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hi miu!! i just saw your new dance cover and i was pleasantly surprised bc colorful world is one of my favourite vocaloid songs and favourite choreography!! i loved it! and i love the colours in your video too! btw, can you do a tutorial on how to fix (?) the beret to your hair? bc i want to try da

Hello! Thank you so much (;_;)♡ Colorful World is one of my favourites too, it's really special to me!

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how do you take the polaroid pictures of yourself? :O you're so cute!

Thank you (*´ω`*) When I want to take a polaroid, I get my mom to help me!

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Hai :) Do you have any recommendations of short videos/series about Japan and Japanese culture?

Hello! I'm not sure about a specific series, but I'd recommend the YouTube channels ciaela, and Harajuku Kawaii for more about pop culture!

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where can i buy those rilakkuma macarons T-T

They were from a flea market in my school for one day, not a particular shop sorry (;_;)

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