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im disabled how can i make money without working ?

vaesage’s Profile PhotoSage
This is a genuine answer. Getting paid isn’t the same as earning money. Within the last century, trading, bartering, lending, and providing service were exchanges of goods and services and a means of payment. Now almost exclusively, only cash or credit is accepted. The only places that provide that are banks, the treasure department and counterfeiters. So you either gotta work, already be wealthy, or be a criminal. You can have limited success fundraising or flipping purchases. If you do that though, you gotta work, be wealthy, or a Criminal. Aside from that stripping, prostitution, leading a religious group for donations, or inventing something new that people will pay money for.
Basically, work, pyramid scheme, or be a criminal. Again, earned, paid, and providing a service are not the same things.
I do wish you to be successful and happy in your present and future.

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This is the flag of USA 🏳️‍🌈

I hope not. With all due respect. I don’t care if it is an ancillary flag… but Stars and Stripes is the flag of the United States, red, white, and blue.

Would you consider yourself a stalker?

I don’t think anybody would consider themself a stalker. I would hope and assume that’s why somebody stalks. They don’t know they’re being creepy and repulsive.

Why do some men play hard to get?

If we are playing hard to get, it’s because A: we are in a happy relationship with a good woman, B: we think you are way too easy, C: you are unattractive, D: gay.

Why do some people think that if someone is asking a question on here is most likely about them? I don't know anyone from here in rl

I did for a while in the beginning. It was because the notifications say “(blank) has a question for you)”. So yeah I thought people were asking me specifically questions.

What do you do after you realized that someone you care about is a shittty freakin person? Do you talk to them about it or do you disown them? What makes them deserving of forgiveness?

mayaembers1’s Profile Photo丅ᖇᗩᑎᔕᑕᗴᑎᗪᗴᗪ
Talk to them. See if they’re being genuine. It’s up to you to give them another chance. Then if not take some time, a least a couple weeks. Then decide if you want to try one more time. After that it’s make or break.

Would you sing with me in church choir on Sunday ?

Would you feel comfortable when they throw things at us to get me to stop? Plus you may want to bring a fire extinguisher just in case.

Should you say excuse me after you burp

You should. But that’s like asking why do people cover their mouth to cough and sneeze, but not their butt when they fart? Lol

At what age did you stop believing in Santa Claus ?

When I saw him fucking the neighbor at the mall in the backseat of an old Camaro.

Have you ever been shot with a BB gun or a paintball gun?

Yes, both. It didn’t hurt that paint. Pellets hurt.

Why are you so busy looking for a soulmate, when you don’t even have a soul, bruh?

mayaembers1’s Profile Photo丅ᖇᗩᑎᔕᑕᗴᑎᗪᗴᗪ
Idk about other people but I’m not looking for a soul…. Just a hot ass straight from a sexy demon. If people are willing to give their soul then they should have no problem giving up that ass. Or shots. Whiskey is good for the soul.

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