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Phone $ex or the real thing

Real thing of course. That’s why there’s phone sex... because at the that time, real sex isn’t possible/practical.
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Would you feel worse if no one showed up to your wedding or to your funeral?

anonstar16837’s Profile Photoanonstar16837
If I feel anything at my funeral... then there’s worse things to happen like being buried alive. Lol

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Is everyone else going crazy lately or did I miss something

Idk but like 20% of people on here are crazy or post stuff that should be kept to themself. 50% post but not question and most aren’t bad though. 20% normal or decent. 10% would make you run into a wood chipper if you had the choice. So you probably didn’t miss something.
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Do people still dislike Jewish people

jacksawyer770770’s Profile PhotoJack Sawyer
Probably and they probably won’t admit it. Although it is possible, and I have seen a person that agreed that the holocaust was absolutely horrifying, still complain about a Jewish neighbor they had. She was Italian.

My x hates me but won’t leave me alone. Should I call the police?

I’ve said this to you before, and from experience on both sides. Walk away. Peacefully agree that both of you need to be alone and take care of yourselves for a while. To think, reflect, get help, or whatever is needed.
It doesn’t get better. Sure seeing each other feels good in the moment, but it feels much different when not together. It hurts, it will hurt... for a significant amount of time. You can’t heal or get better in ways that you both need to, separately, until you do. It can, and usually will, lead to any of these: getting arrested and going to jail, property damage, threats and intimidation by phone and in public, unhealthy need to know what the other is doing and may cross lines, loss of friends, or in extreme and rare cases.... kidnapping and murder (or attempted), and or suicide.
The realization of “if trying to make things better.... is making it worse.... “ then it’s nobody’s fault. Both have at least some blame or responsibility in the relationship falling apart and ending. But at least you both can look back and see or remember a time where you both were happy in love with each other. It really hurts, but there are a massively larger amount of failed relationships, than ones that don’t. Even marriages end more often than staying together. It hurts to have it end, but it will hurt much worse and in more life altering, and catastrophic ways if you don’t. If that happens you will certainly look back and see what seems like an impossible decision now, would have been the easiest and best choice.
It sucks. I know. Your questions keep popping up. If people haven’t gone through what you’re going through they will think it’s very annoying and ignore you. People that havE remember what it was like and want to tell you what I’m telling you, but they know you probably won’t or can’t do it, because the wouldn’t or couldn’t have done it either, and they probably wouldn’t listen to this advice either. Until after everything explodes.

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What do you think of her body?

What I’m do I think of her body? I think I would like to be next to that body. That’s the most PG thing I could say. Or in an emoji: 😍😋🤓☺️😁

how old do i look 🧐

yrfavkde’s Profile Photoyrfavkde
You definitely look older than you are. Especially with your hairstyle and the clothes in your profile pic. I’d say like 17. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone bought you a drink or sold beer to you. That’s so dangerous to guys though. But there’s a ton of us that live dangerously because sometimes the reward is worth more and so much better than what than the risk was.

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I prayed for someone like me because when I love, I really truly love them. I love deeply and I never stop loving someone who doesn’t stop loving me. Everything about them. Are you the same way

I am. That’s why I’m telling you from experience... move on or get hurt deeper and it will mess with your head really bad.

How to make someone be loyal and focus on you without being around them

You need move on from this guy. At least from what you’re saying on here.
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Why do you fuck girls instead of going to work

Like I understand how it feels to be cheated on or even straight up being left at a fucked up point by the other person. If that other person isn’t trying their hardest to be with you.... they don’t wanna be with you or cone back. It’s fucked up, I know. There are def better (and worse) guys.

If you could go back & change something from the past what would it be?

Too many to go back and change. You can’t live the perfect life. Those bad times make a person. You could actually change a bad situation into a worse one.

What would you do if you found a d*ead body in a hotel room?

stranded_in_starlight’s Profile PhotoStranded in Starlight
I would try to make sure I didn’t cause the body to be there. They check my friends. Then call the police. Or party with them like weekend at bernies.


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