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um, so ive kind of drawn some retsupurae yaoi-ish fanart and i feel bad because i know you guys dont seem ok with it. is it just too weird for shippers/fans to make believe romantic feelings between you & betus or do you not mind as long as no ones invading your personal lives with it? thx! <3 u two

... ... ... This has been a weird fuckin' day, man.

View more The wonderful thing about LPers, is LP's a wonderful thing, their videos are made out of pixels, their avatars are made out of PNGs, they're mighty, flighty, bawdy, fun fun fun fun fun, the most wonderful thing about LPers is that I'm the only one!

This is a real song I wrote and sang to my daughter after my wife told my mom about a mustard yellow shirt.
Put on your mustard shirt
Put on your ketchup pants
Put on your onion shoes
Put on your relish hat
Put on your sauerkraut
Put on your pickle spears
Put on your finest bun
'Cause you're my little hot dog
That's you
Thank you everyone, thank you.

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whats your opinion on guys being arrested for manspreading?

metal gear Exava
I cannot fucking stand "manspreading" (why is it even called that) and my balls are really massive. Let's get that out of the way. I have like 14 balls and they are just huge. They dwarf my penis and my testosterone levels are like ridiculous. Honestly it's not even attractive. It looks like one of those monsters that's scared of you in Binding of Isaac which by the by I have videos of that you can like and subscribe to.
But even with a scrotum that can only be described as "grotesque in its majesty" and "should not be biologically possible" I have never felt the need to put my legs at the 180 degree angle necessary to air out my mondo pubis. Just fucking stand, shithead, it's four stops, I say.
All that said, I don't know what would be illegal about it. Like I hate people who play music or take loud calls on the bus too, but it's not a crime.

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People dislike Dina because she's a terrible community manager, she got hired because her BF, lied about playing MM, evades concerns, splits the community apart then takes the weekend off, she sucks at her job, the fact she's a feminist or whichever doesn't mean shit, do some reason next time

She doesn't seem to be; this is common in most projects/jobs (google "referral bonus"); "Mega Man X is best in series, though I'm not much of a Mega Man Player" is not a lie; locking your Twitter so as to try not to shift conversation is a valid thing to do and some companies ask you to do it; that claim that she "sucks at her job" is redundant to the first point and doesn't affect the final product regardless; all of these things are done after the fact to justify disliking her for her political ideologies.
One more time and say it with me: "This is a video game about robots blowing up other robots."

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Slowbeef, I want to ask you what's your opinion regarding accents in Let's Plays. I've been thinking of LPing a obscure game from my childhoood because I know a lot about it but I'm insecure about my accent. Do you think it's possible to make a good LP even if I have a heavy accent?

Oh hell yes. Accents rule. Ask Psychedelic Eyeball, Dectilon, Lithuanian Dad, Suspicious, AccountingNightmare, slowbeef...

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