Ask @slowbeef:

Do you have any advice for someone looking to do an LP? Not make money off doing it or anything, but just advice on how to make a decently entertaining product.

Brian Smith
Have a mission statement or elevator pitch (in your head.). This can be as simple as "I'd like to see how a Souls runthrough would play out if you divided it up by death" or "Dead to Rights has a really ridiculous plot I think people would find funny."
Imagine if a total stranger was gonna watch your LP or someone else's and see if your pitch would convince them to watch yours instead.
In most cases, be prepared to redo episode 1. In fact, plan on it. Then when you've done it, decided if you could do it better or if the idea works at all. I'd more likely watch a blind play through with a good episode 1 even if the caveat was that the first episode was redone; than one with a bad episode 1.

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Just to clarify, I wasn't trying to "raise your kid secondhand"- I've got a 3 month old kid myself that I love and worry about 24/7 and I know better than to "Dark Souls" a fellow parent (give them unsolicited advice). Sorry if it was a weird question!

Hunter Schafer
Huh? No no it wasn't! I just meant I get the question a lot and respond on a superficial level, but it's not like I think a whole lot on it

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Does it ever worry you how frequently you get asked about when and how you'll make your daughter play videogames? I'd imagine that once she's capable of playing them she should also be able to decide whether or not she wants to. Is it weird to have randos trying to raise your kid secondhand?

Nah, it doesn't bother me. Parenthood's one of those things you can't really learn externally. I think more about things like her health and safety, etc. Her hobbies are interesting of course, but I'm really not thinking a whole lot about her first video game.
So the answer is "what's the first game you'll show her?" is really "I'll cross that bridge when we come to it, but for right now, it's more about 'holy shit college will cost what?' And 'oh no she can claim stairs'

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If HDCP is what's killing Demon's Souls a HDMI 1.3b splitter will strip it out.

Yeah I want to get one for other reasons like iOS and Mac App Store games to make fun of. If we have to have it, I really like PS4's implementation of "Turn it off if you want and content providers can require it." I'm not sure why they can't put out a quick firmware update for PS3 to do that but maybe there are reasons.

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I want to work with computers but I suck at memorization and always forget math formulas. What should I do beef-san?

Typically, I find you have to figure out what your learning style is and try to teach yourself in a way that adapts to it. Some people are better at rote memorization, some people need to understand root concepts first. No one learns quite the same way, so you have to figure out how to frame something you're trying to learn in a more familiar environment.
I like coming up with mnemonics so if you have a specific thing that's giving you trouble, lemme know and I'll give it a shot

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