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مرحبا اوركيدا كيفك و كيف امورك ؟ اتمنى تكوني بخير و عافيه , ارجوك ايش اسم هذه المعزوفه , زمان كنت اسمعها و الان نسيت اسمها ><

هلا صديقي solid
انا تمام، وأتمنى كل أمورك تمام
اسم المعزوفة
“nuvole bianche”
It is Italian for “white clouds”
للفنان المبدع
Ludovico Einaudi

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+1 answer in: “This music helps me to solve hard problems.. truly a masterpiece”

I thought I'll share the link to this wonderful article with my close friends:

Hakim Freethinker
Impressive article, thanks a lot for sharing. You know I haven't delete your question about the meaning of life that you asked me more than a year ago, as I don't know the answer. This article tackle down the meaningfulness issue, I like how he place it in time scale i.e. happiness is about present, and meaningfulness is about past, present and future. It was a great addition to know the 4 properties of meaningful life: purpose, value, efficacy, and self-worth.
Yet I'm still seeking to find an objective purpose of existence.

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