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مرحبا اوركيدا كيفك و كيف امورك ؟ اتمنى تكوني بخير و عافيه , ارجوك ايش اسم هذه المعزوفه , زمان كنت اسمعها و الان نسيت اسمها ><

هلا صديقي solid
انا تمام، وأتمنى كل أمورك تمام
اسم المعزوفة
“nuvole bianche”
It is Italian for “white clouds”
للفنان المبدع
Ludovico Einaudi

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+1 answer in: “This music helps me to solve hard problems.. truly a masterpiece”

I thought I'll share the link to this wonderful article with my close friends:

Hakim Freethinker
Impressive article, thanks a lot for sharing. You know I haven't delete your question about the meaning of life that you asked me more than a year ago, as I don't know the answer. This article tackle down the meaningfulness issue, I like how he place it in time scale i.e. happiness is about present, and meaningfulness is about past, present and future. It was a great addition to know the 4 properties of meaningful life: purpose, value, efficacy, and self-worth.
Yet I'm still seeking to find an objective purpose of existence.

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Online courses + time on campus = a new path to an MIT master’s degree in SCM (Supply Chain Management).

Great news from MIT. No tough requirements for admission, if you pass the online courses, and pass the comprehensive exam, then you will be admitted to spend one semester in MIT and have a master degree in SCM.

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