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what are some weird food combinations that you enjoy? Something you eat but everyone else finds weird?

Depends on what you consider weird. I've been called in American for putting mayo on hotdogs

Do you like to tan naturally or tan in a tanning bed?

I don't do tanning beds, I don't intentionally tan, usually I just end up with a gnarly sun burn and it turns into a tan relatively fast.

Good morning everyone!!<3 Off to have some coffee and watch peaky, also yesterday my husband and I have been married for five years:)

BrookeElizabethxo’s Profile PhotoBrooke Elizabeth Runyan
It's night time here where I'm at, but good morning to you, and congratulations 🎉

Name 3 things that you really want to do this year?

First things first, I need to recover from the coviivii that I'm cursed with right now. Number 2, I want to go fishing, and number 3, I want make a batch of wine and bunch of soaps and candles for next year's Christmas handouts.

someone take my brain. i’m tired of worrying & overthinking. :/

VivreEnPaix’s Profile PhotoRachel
Ok... But if I do this... I'm downloading all the contents of it and then watching it all.

Guys who wear hats in general are bald.

Whoa whoa whoa... Coming in hot with that bald stuff now.. for the record, I'm THINNING, not bald! Lmao, but then again... I have really long hair

favorite photo of you?? ❤️❤️

If there ever was a favorite photo of me . It would be one I can't really be seen.

What makes you feel funny inside?

The best funny inside feeling for me personally, is the butterflies I get from from making out with a someone that I've really liked for a while, and it's like the perfect first makeout. Oh when will those days ever come back though.

I was dealing with this dude for about a year. When I met him he was single then all of a sudden he gets back with his old girl but still wants to be with me. I told him hell no.. Was I wrong because he seems to want his cake and eat it too.

lisaroberts47’s Profile PhotoLisa Roberts
Not at all, waste no time on those who don't want to be real and serious.

What relaxes you when you are stressed?

ToriHilson’s Profile Phototori
Usually if someone like rubs my head or super lightly scratches it as they run their fingers through my hair, it will relax me until im butter in their hands.
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Can you make money from YouTube with a million views but has 1 subscriber?

davidgreyson40’s Profile PhotoGreg
I believe you have to have a minimum number of subscribers in order to monetize.

Should I keep my Instagram public or make it private?

amiraclejahara’s Profile Photoamiraclejahara
I'm not an insta guru, so my opinion might be complete horse manure, but in my personal opinion, I don't see a reason to have one if it's on private. I'm sure there could be reasons I suppose, but I would think the more followers the better right?


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