Ask @smnak98:

Thoughts on me ? 💭🌚

MaiRa ♥♐
Maira, you got a beautiful name just like yourself 🙈🌸
I just saw and found myself in you on your first impression that you gave me or i say you showed me 😌🌼
Dil ky bohot achy hun, 😌💕so much kind and sweet from inside and outside 💕 belkul mere tarah 😂
Dp is awla 👌🏻😍 bg ka toh kuch nahi kehna 🙈😁💛 and that quote in your bio 👌🏻🔥 and your answers worth reading 🌺
Having same thoughts like me and especially on “Khanni” drama 😂😌💜
Stay blessed🌸, always slay😍🔥, stay same 😊 and always happy 😊♥️

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