Ask @smudgerox:

umm do you know any Australian ctb players?

I've never talked to anyone other than Kevy (bae but banned, knew him long before osu!) and MappyTurtle(talked to him a couple times, cool guy), so not really. The only other ones I've seen (in chat) are Mili (once argued with about why CTB needs an editor) and Magic Girl (don't know anything about her other than she has fans that spam and RP which is annoying).

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Trapped on a island for 15 years. You get one movie, one book, one cd, one source of food that will run out in 15 years, and one imaginary friend that you can see walking around because you've gone insane from lonliness, what would your answers be?

can I drown instead?
also what kind of stuff does this island have on it? sand and a palm tree? or is is a civilized island that's been abandoned?

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