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Ahh.. True.... Wokays! No pins on the floor! Don't pick it up in jail! But save it for the ass of someone who deserves it! Got it! :D

A fast learner

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But... You said pin causes AIDS when someone stepped on it, and then you warned me not to pick it up.. and now I should save it for the ass of someone who deserves it? You banyak contradicting leh.

The point is to not let innocent ppl kena AIDS ma...

Saw u streaming diablo 3..just wanna ask do u also play hearthstone ?

No, I don't have much patience for turn-based multiplayer games. Just installed HotS though hohoho

Pin dropped, and someone is gonna get aids stepping on it. That escalated quickly. D:

Your fault lo...don't leave sharp objects lying around

planning to get a sub option for ur stream?

I'm afraid that's up to twitch to grant to partners...that means I'll be working harder to obtain that status! :)

When will u be organizing a fan meetup or something?Or giff away :3

Wa fan meetup what is this...cannot la hahaha! Giveaway more possible :D

Will u try Heroes of the Storm when it's released?

I've had it since the beta, but unfortunately it just doesn't look interesting when I watched my bf play it. Downloaded and still untouched in my PC haha
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will u date a malay guy =)

I already have a boyfriend, but I don't have a racial preference :D A strong character is what I look for!

Hi bunnie.....how do you rate dota, LoL, HoN,

Dota: Pros - addictive gameplay, Cons - addictive, Rating - 8/10
LoL: Pros - cute graphics after overhaul, Cons - shitty Garena won't even let me try the game, Rating - 2/10
HoN: Pros - imba heroes make for exciting and fastpaced gameplay, Cons - S2 doesn't give a shit about balance, Rating - 6.5/10

Can you stream more pls

I'll try my best, but am currently going through some health complications. I hope you understand <3 I'll still keep the weekends for streaming though!


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